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World Cup final here
December 3, 2022
It’s time for SmackDown in a Nutshell, and after WarGames, how about this: the World Cup final is here, and it’s Ricochet versus Escobar!
qualifying climb the ladder
June 10, 2022
On this week’s SmackDown In A Nutshell, we have but one big question: who’s qualifying to climb the ladder come July!
McMahon Against WrestleMania Idea
Sometimes you have to change it up in wrestling. And for these wrestlers, a change would do them a world of good.
wrestlemania goes through miami
March 4, 2022
This week’s SmackDown In A Nutshell sees thing heating up, as now the road to WrestleMania goes through Miami
Ricochet Big WWE Push
March 1, 2022
There’s some good news for fans of Ricochet. He’s about to receive a big WWE push. Plus, there’s no creative plans for Asuka’s return.
Ricochet Cried After WWE legendary wrestler match
October 5, 2021
Ricochet recently revealed he cried after a match with a legendary WWE wrestler. He was so touched by the wrestler’s words.
eric bischoff wwe return
Eric Bischoff recently spoke on a potential WWE return, and his answer might shock you. Plus, Ricochet delivers a major botch on Twitter.
It’s another RAW IN A Nutshell, and this time around we get to see what, if any blowback from Backlash there might be after Sunday’s PPV.
Jim Cornette Chris Jericho
January 17, 2021
Jim Cornette is no longer friends with Chris Jericho because of his endorsement of Donald Trump. And, the latest on Ricochet’s WWE run.
January 13, 2021
Could Ricochet leave WWE in 2021? It seems possible given reports. Also, is Kofi Kingston legit injured as was mentioned on RAW?
WWE Cancels Melina's Return
December 17, 2020
According to reports, WWE has scrapped plans for Melina’s return and the latest direction for the odd stable known as Retribution.
New Day Idea Pitched
September 18, 2020
A New Day idea was pitched, where the stable be would be split, but with a twist. And, Ricochet reacts to rumors he is leaving WWE.
Ricochet Possibly Leaving WWE
September 17, 2020
While there is reports that Ricochet could be departing the WWE soon, Shane McMahon made it known he might return.
Ricochet Cesaro Chris Jericho
AEW’s Chris Jerico has an eye for talent. In fact, he has invited two major stars from the WWE brand to join him at AEW, Ricochet and Cesaro.
Cedric Alexander Knocked Out During Raw?
WWE’s Cedric Alexander may have been knocked out during this week’s episode of Raw. It is alleged that an elbow from Andrade saw Cedric hit the mat.
Ricochet talks about returning
Would Ricochet ever considering returning to the NXT brand? This question was asked by Good Morning Washington during an interview.
Ricochet Vince McMahon's Victim
March 4, 2020
Ricochet has taken a serious status hit after Super ShowDown, leaving his future out in the open. In other news, Styles is being protected by the WWE.
setting Up The ShowDown
February 25, 2020
It’s time to kick off WWE’s week, and that means our RAW In A Nutshell! This week is all about setting up for the ShowDown on Thursday!