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Fans of the Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg will be saddened to learn that he’s considering retiring from acting “sooner rather than later.” While he continues to make movies, however, Wahlberg’s goal is to focus on faith-based content like his new movie Father Stu, which is set to be released on Wednesday. 

Wahlberg’s ‘New Chapter’

“I feel like this is starting a new chapter for me in that, now, doing things like this — real substance — can help people,” Wahlberg, 50, told Entertainment Tonight. “I definitely want to focus on making more.”

“I wouldn’t say necessarily just faith-based content but things that will help people,” he added. “So, hopefully this movie will open a door for not only myself but for lots of other people in Hollywood to make more meaningful content.”

When asked when he’ll know it’s time to retire, Wahlberg said, “Sooner rather than later, probably.”

Wahlberg is the proud father of four children, and leaving his family to go film a movie has only gotten harder for him.

“It’s gotta be something special to really bring me, you know, to leave home, to leave those guys behind, because it’s the biggest sacrifice in the making for sure,” he explained. 

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Wahlberg Grieves The Death Of His Mother

Wahlberg was filming Father Stu last year when he lost his beloved mother Alma following a battle with dementia. In his new interview, he talked about how Jacki Weaver, who plays his mom in the movie, helped him through the grieving process. 

“When losing my mom during the film, she was always someone that I could lean on or rely on,” he said. “To have her there and her support was really incredible. She’s a very special person.”

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Wahlberg’s faith and his portrayal of the main character in Father Stu also helped him to grieve. 

“Well, certainly Stu’s ability to handle adversity with such dignity and grace has helped me to just focus on the good things and celebrate all the wonderful times,” Wahlberg said.

“My mom was so strong even in her most difficult and vulnerable times,” he continued. “She just wanted us to be OK, and if we’re lucky enough to live a long life, we’re gonna all deal with very difficult times and it’s how you deal with those things and embrace those things and more importantly recognizing, seeing the good in other people.”

‘These Are Very Difficult Times’

Wahlberg feels that Father Stu is exactly the kind of movie that we all need right now.

“This movie’s really touching everybody who sees it because we’re all going through something,” he concluded. “These are very difficult times and so to be able to share this with other people and remind people that things can get better … we’ve gotta lock arms and support each other.”

God bless Wahlberg for continuing to be so open about his Christian faith, and for focusing on faith-based projects like Father Stu!

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