Lacey Evans WWE Plan
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Now that she is back, did WWE change the plan for Lacey Evans? Also, Eric Bischoff is criticizing how Tony Khan compares to AEW to other companies.

Lacey Evans – Original WWE Plan

It’s nice to see Lacey Evans back in the WWE. She’s been out on maternity leave after announcing her pregnancy on the February 15th edition of RAW last year. 

Currently, she is being pushed as a babyface, but that wasn’t always the WWE plan.

Dave Meltzer chimes in on Lacey Evans during the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. Apparently, the original plan was to have Evans evolve from heel to face.

According to Meltzer, when WWE first pushed her as a heel, the idea was to eventually turn her into a face. Meltzer questions why it has taken them so long to present Evans as a face.

Meltzer remembers questioning why they were pushing her as a heel. He believes the thought was she could make an excellent face because of her last look and gimmick.

Evans did have a heel gimmick. However, Meltzer (as many other fans) believe she’s a natural-born babyface.

It was also brought up that Evans’ natural enemy heel would be Charlotte Flair. Currently, Flair’s set for an I Quit Match with Ronda Rousey on the blue brand.

The two are battling it out for the Women’s Championship. Once that’s done, and if Flair wins the match, will she be ready to take Lacey Evans on, once again?

Eric Bischoff Criticizes Tony Khan

Lacey Evans WWE Plan

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Over to AEW, Tony Khan has a bit of a kooky personality and is known to say some crazy things. But, he has built All Elite Wrestling to what it is today.

Sometimes, putting yourself out there can be a good thing. Sometimes, it can get you criticized.

Tony Khan has compared his promotion to WWE, multiple times.

While speaking with the MackMania Podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff claimed that Tony Khan looks dumb for comparing AEW to WWE. 

This is because he does not see AEW as competition for WWE.

“I would venture to guess 99% of the people who talk about it on social media when they are constantly comparing ratings, or even statisticians that are cramming all this data in there and they’re using that data to pain the picture they want the narratives to be,” said Bischoff. “That was one of the things I called Tony Khan out in the first place.”

“Stop comparing yourself to WWE, you’re not competitive in any measurable way. But the more you try to convince people you are, the dumber you look because it’s insulting.”

AEW will continue to be led under Khan’s vision, so it remains to be seen whether the company will grow or not in the coming months. Currently, AEW is drawing strong numbers and has a loaded roster of talent wrestlers.

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