big wwe events coming
source: @wrestlemania, twitter, screenshot

Fans of big stadium shows rejoice-more big WWE events are coming! And if you’ve been waiting for it, AEW is showing off their new video game next week.

More Big WWE Events Coming

If you are a fan of the massive stadium shows…well…more big WWE events are coming in 2023.

That is the plan, according to the Mat Men podcast.

Unpacking it, it’s both cool, and not a shock.

WWE has been running more and more events in larger venues. Larger venues means more seats.

And, assuming they can sell most of them, more tickets sold means…more revenue.

More revenue makes Vince McMahon, Nick Khan, and WWE shareholders happier.

So, it’s mostly a business move.

From a fan’s perspective? I can love and hate this at the same time.

Because…the sets and stages WWE does can be pretty epic (even if I thought this year’s for WrestleMania was bland).

big wwe events coming

source: @wrestlemania, twitter, screenshot

But…those big stages take up space…meaning less seats. Do that in a smaller arena, and you are losing several sections of seats, at least.

Aside from my disdain for this year’s ‘Mania set, most of the big stadium sets have been excellent. The pirate ship last year was crazy.

Using the baseball stadiums as they did in the Royal Rumble was also unique. So, I am all for a one of a kind feel, for a “premium live event”.

On the other hand…once you get to a certain level, you are paying just to say you were there, and to watch the event from the stadium…on the JumboTron.

Not being mean, just honest. I went to WrestleMania, in Philly, way back when in what was I think still the CoreStates Center (it’s changed names a few times…).

I was either the very last row, or next to last row in the building. It was cool to see…but the wrestlers in the ring were tiny.

In comparison, that was the WrestleMania where the Corporate Ministry descended from the rafters to enter the Hell In A Cell.

And where I was…I had a view of the Superstars in the catwalks before they dropped.

Translation? Not a ticket I’d buy, but if WWE pulls off the set, it should be awesome on Peacock.

We get to see it in action a few more times this year, with the big UK show, plus Money In The Bank and SummerSlam.

AEW Showing Off Video Game

If you’ve been waiting for it, AEW will be showing off their new video game next week.

The teaser was released by the official Twitter account.

So, if nothing else, this will give fans of wrestling video games another option.

Or, fans of AEW a choice in video games.

Perhaps both.

It will be interesting to see how much has improved since the earliest leaked images.

big wwe events coming

source: @fightful, twitter, screenshot