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Last year, the country music star Morgan Wallen found himself being targeted by cancel culture after he was caught on camera dropping the n-word following a night out with friends. Now, his fellow country music singer Jason Aldean is speaking out to reveal why he stood by Wallen throughout this scandal. 


‘Where I’m From, When You Got A Friend That’s Down…’

“There was a small group of us that kind of had Morgan’s back in this whole thing when everybody else was beating up on him a bit,” Aldean told Billboard. “Where I’m from, when you got a friend that’s down, you don’t just step on ’em and keep ’em down; you help them get back on their feet and teach ’em and try to help them be better.”

“That’s what we try to do, and I think a lot of people knew that, and that’s why I wanted to go out there (onstage at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena during Wallen’s March 19 show),” he added. “He went through a lot, and I think his punishment was a little excessive — but at the same time, the biggest thing is him learning from it.”

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Aldean’s New Album

Wallen co-wrote “Whiskey Me Away” and “The Sad Songs” on Aldean’s upcoming album Macon, Georgia. The album also includes the song “Your Mama,” which Aldean said is “so outta left field for me, something I would typically never in a million years cut.”

“I really just wanted to record it for my son,” he continued. “It’s probably the most personal thing I’ve ever done on a record. I’ve had this song for a few years and kept going back and forth on whether to record it. But with this double album, it was the perfect time to put it out there.”

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Aldean Gets Political 

Aldean also talked about why he felt the need to publicly speak out against vaccine mandates for children in schools. 

“I’ve always tried to stay away from all of that stuff because it’s a no-win deal. But I think with everything that’s happened, it’s so hard to not say anything right now,” he said. “I’m not scared that like, 50% of my fanbase is gonna say, ‘Now we don’t want to hear your music.’ I don’t worry about that at all. Over the years, people kind of know where I stand. They know what I’m about and hopefully, that is one reason they are fans. As an artist, I’ve always known my fanbase.”

God bless Aldean for being one of the few openly conservative people in the entertainment world. We applaud him for standing by his good friend Wallen even when it would have been easier for him not to do so! 

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