It’s been a few weeks since Will Smith stormed the stage at the Oscars and slapped the comedian Chris Rock, but the world is still in shock.

While it initially looked like Smith’s career in Hollywood may be over because of the slap, industry experts are now saying that the incident may actually help his career, as they believe he’s set to be “flooded with work offers.”

After the smack heard ’round the world, Smith was banned from the Academy Awards for ten years, with the Academy saying that he will “not be permitted to attend any Academy events or programs, in person or virtually.” Various high-profile projects that Smith was working on have also since been put on hold, which led many to think that his career in Hollywood could be dead in the water.

Experts, however, say not so fast.

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‘Still Strong Affection’ For Smith In Hollywood 

 The Mirror reported that marketing consultant Jeff Kelly said that “while quiet, there is still strong affection for him in sections of Hollywood.”

“It appears too easy to write his career off, his fate is a little more complicated,” he continued, going on to say that there is nothing that Hollywood loves more than a redemption story and a comeback. He also said that now that Smith has announced that he will be taking some time off to work on himself, “there will be offers on the table from producers looking to work with him.”

“Smaller budget companies will want to bring him on board to make movies, most likely in the action genre, using his name and cache, which they believe audiences still value,” Kelly explained. 

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Smith May Want To Focus On TV

Kelly made sure to add that Smith’s immediate future may be in television, rather than in movies. 

“The Oscars centers on films, so TV networks hiring him in some capacity are not off the table,” he said. 

These days, with streaming services more popular than ever, a career in television is far from a bad thing. Should Smith focus on that for a few years, he may indeed be able to make a return to film, according to Kelly. 

“It is very difficult for many to see a future for Smith following the furor. But Hollywood has always dealt with things differently,” Kelly said. “This will not be the end for Smith. He still has allies in the business, who while silent now, feel that one mistake should not mean an end to a lifetime of entertaining audiences.”

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‘There Will Be Options Out There For Him’

“And certainly, if he wanted to pick up work in smaller budget pieces, there will be options out there for him,” he concluded. 

Only time will tell whether or not Smith’s career in Hollywood is helped or hindered by this slap. Only one thing is for sure, and that is that nobody will be forgetting that Oscars smack anytime soon. 

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