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Alexa Bliss Return Plan, Tony Khan Didn’t Like Satnam Singh Debut

WWE has a return plan for when Alexa Bliss heads back to TV. And, AEW's Tony Khan was not happy how the debut for Satnam Singh went.

Despite being off TV, WWE has a plan for the return of Alexa Bliss. Also, like many, Tony Khan did not like the debut of Satnam Singh.

Alexa Bliss Return Plan

In September, Bliss was written off WWE TV. She had sinus surgery and a wedding to plan, which just took place.

After months of not appearing on TV, Bliss began appearing in taped segments. She was undergoing therapy to help her deal with the loss of her doll, Lilly.

Bliss was cleared and worked the Women’s Elimination Chamber Match on February 19. She made it far, losing to Bianca Belair at the end.

The former multi time champion is on her honeymoon and with no return date made public. Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted Bliss will return as a face.

Beforehand, Bliss was mostly a face. Still, she showed heel tendencies.

Tony Khan Didn’t Like Satnam Singh Debut

Alexa Bliss Return Plan
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Satnam Singh’s made a surprise debut for AEW on Dynamite in the the closing segment. He helped Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt destroy Samoa Joe.

Although, few even knew who Singh was. He is being used by AEW to promote their business in India.

“I could have done it better,” said Khan. “So, it’s one of those things, I wish I had done it differently because the fans are always going to be right.”

“So, if the fans don’t like something, sometimes, there is something where you’re trying to get heat, so if you’re in a ‘trying to get heat,’ situation people aren’t always going to love it. But, there are things about it that I probably should’ve done differently.”

“Now, that I see in hindsight. To be honest, it wasn’t my idea to turn the lights out, but I am the ultimate filter and who everything goes through. I put the outline of the show together.”

Up until the closing segment, Khan thought the show was great. Therefore, he considered it to br the best outline he ever put together.

“Satnam is an important person for us. It was important to debut him in a meaningful way and to show that, with Jay Lethal, he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with.”

Tony Khan Takes Responsibility For Satnam Singh Debut Segment

Khan did mention he should have not have killed the lights during Satnam’s debut. He chalked that up to a veteran of 30 years giving advice.

“I was only looking at the pros and I should have thought about the cons. Because that is my job as the person who decides what goes in and who filters out these ideas.”

“We have all these people in the room and somehow, not one person brought up the negative. When we did it, all the negatives were very obvious.”

Khan decided to not state who gave him the advice on how to debut Satnam. Almost instantly, Khan knew the fans did like the ending.

“I agreed with the fans completely.”

Meanwhile, it will probably go done as one of the most bizarre and lame endings in AEW Dynamite history.

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