WWE Shafted Cryme Tyme
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If you listen to JTG, WWE shafted Cryme Tyme. Also, Paige VanZant should be in an AEW ring before summer ends.

JTG Claims WWE Shafted Cryme Tyme

In late 2006, WWE had Cryme Tyme join the main roster. JTG and the late Shad Gaspard clicked right away with fans.

They worked with John Cena, who at the time was the company’s biggest star. Although, they never once held any gold while with WWE.

While speaking on SO CATCH By Hal, JTG accused WWE of stopping any major push.

“While I was in the WWE, I definitely felt like we, Shad and I, were shafted,” said JTG. “Post-WWE career, looking back, I believe having the fans, being the fan favorites is way more important than being tag team champions, you know what I mean?” 

“Because they choose, the company chooses, who they put the tag team titles on. But, they can’t choose who they want the fans to love.” 

“We’ll always be fan favorites, we earned that. WWE didn’t give that to us.”

The tag team’s first run in WWE did not end well. Both were released within a year, but returned in 2008.

Shad Gaspard would be released back in 2010 while JTG was released in 2014. Since then, JTG had been competing in the independent circuit.

Sadly, Shad Gaspard tragically lost his life in May of 2020, when he sacrificed himself to save his son from drowning 

Paige VanZant’s AEW Debut

WWE Shafted Cryme Tyme

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Paige VanZant first gained attention when she earned a UFC contracts. A combination of her skills and looks helped her get booked on big cards.

Her UFC career saw her secure early wins, but a broken wrist led to several losses. When her contract was up, she decided to test the waters.

She signed a huge deal with Bare Knuckle Fighting, where is 0-2. Still, her name draws and that caught the eye of the wrestling world.

A year ago, she spent a few weeks training at the WWE Performance Center. Then, she spoke to AEW and liked what they were offering.

She signed with AEW earlier in the month. During The MMA Hour, VanZant noted when she hopes to start wresting.

“Perfect world here, in the next few months, honestly,” said VanZant. “I think that between the coaches and between everybody seeing as quickly as I’m picking it up, I truly believe that I’ll be ready to get in there here in a month or two.”

It is bold claim as people take years learning the basics. Although, with her background, she might be a natural fit like Ken Shamrock, Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey.

Already, she has a feud going in AEW. She attacked judo black belt Tay Conti.

“I would love to go in there and make a statement against her. She’s got a black belt in Judo, so she does come from a combat sports world.” 

“I think it would be the perfect match-up for me and her to go against each other. It’s great, every place for me to make my name off of someone who, you know, has been in the AEW as a pro wrestler, but also comes from my world.”

American Top Team have been regulars on AEW TV. Therefore, do not be surprised if more MMA fighters sign with AEW or at least work a few short programs.

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