wwe add a stable
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Large groups of commonly-themed Superstars has not happened much of late, but could WWE add a heel stable sooner than later? And, what are post-WrestleMania plans for Brock Lesnar looking like?

Could WWE Add A Stable

Teams and groups are fairly common in pro wrestling history…and now, could WWE add a stable to their own mix?

While modern day stables have been mostly an AEW thing of late…WWE has had their share.

Lately, however, not so much.

Sure, we’ve seen The Shield, and the Wyatt Family, and the New Day to name a few. And now, we could see WWE add a stable.

Per PWInsider, the new stable could be added soon, and could include one or two very notable names.

According to the report, the belief is we could soon see Edge leading a stable of his own. Of course, for those who remember Edge’s earliest days in WWE, you likely remember his time in The Brood.

Now, it would be the Hall of Famer’s time to lead a stable of his own.

wwe add a stable

source:@wraslinrepublic, twitter, screenshot

For now, Edge is looking forward to his WrestleMania match against AJ Styles. It’s possible WWE could add his stable in the next week, as things get kicked off after WrestleMania.

Now, you can’t have a stable without a few other Superstars. To that end, it seems one suggestion to work alongside Edge would be former United States Champion Damien Priest.

As we all know, plans change in WWE all the time. Right now, they might add a stable.

Vince could wake up tomorrow and decide that stable…or even all stables…are a dumb idea.

Still should WWE add a heel stable, especially one fronted by Edge? It could make for some compelling television.

Post-WrestleMania Plans For Brock Lesnar

Speaking of this weekend, what are post-WrestleMania plans for Brock Lesnar looking like?

With a bigger Superstar like Brock Lesnar, they often work shorter schedules and fewer dates.

Meaning, we can usually know how often we will (or won’t) see them. And, based on scheduled appearances, perhaps we can make an informed guess as to how things will play out.

That might not be the case for Lesnar, but we shall see.

Leading up to his WrestleMania title unification bout against Roman Reigns, The Beast has been working a rather full slate.

Compared to past runs in WWE, it’s a notable shift.

wwe add a stable

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Well, if what the Wrestling Observer is reporting is accurate, that busy schedule is here to stay for a bit.

Vince McMahon knows that Lesnar is good for business. As such, he is reportedly confirmed for both WrestleMania Backlash and Money In The Bank.

Meaning  Brock Lesnar is expected to be involved in two of the next three WWE “premium live events”.

Does that mean he leaves Dallas with all the gold? Or that he leaves WrestleMania empty handed and chasing Roman Reigns?

We will find out for sure on Sunday night. But, for fans of the future Hall of Famer, it looks like we will have plenty more of Lesnar in the next few months.