Dear WWE Creative,

We’re on the Road to Wrestlemania, and so many things are happening on (and off) WWE television right. The Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair/Ronda Rousey continues to have its twists and turns heading into history and main event territory; Kofimania continues to run wild on SmackDown LIVE; Roman Reigns has returned back to action, and is in remission.

And with that, the WWE Universe was privy to Shield reunion number 185 this week on Monday Night RAW (and the crowd goes mild).


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My ride-or-dies. #onelasttime #theshield @wwe

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Okay, I’m clearly exaggerating, and I think most of the fans (especially ones that follow Internet rumors) understand why we are seeing Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins come together for just “one more time”.

Because of new merchandising possibilities? Final merchandising possibilities? To help hype up Fastlane? Because the WWE wants to capitalize on “bringing the band together”, one final time before Dean Ambrose exits the company (seemingly for good) come Wrestlemania?

It’s understandable, all of it. Dean Ambrose leaving the WWE affects the brand in so many ways. Not only are they losing a top-tier talent, one with star power, but with Ambrose leaving they lose any future possibility to reunite their biggest faction in recent years. One that helped to catapult the careers of Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns, making them one of the three top superstars in the WWE today; one that really helped the NXT brand build its name.

Having said that, I think in general, fans are tired of Shield reunions. While it’s always amazing to see these three men do that fist pump in the ring, past reunions have flopped thanks to injury and other circumstances (no ones fault), which makes them breaking-up and making-up so many times, in a short span of time, at this point, ridiculous. It’s just lost its sparkle at this point.


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#TheShield is back together this Sunday at #WWEFastlane to take on @baroncorbinwwe @dmcintyrewwe & @bobbylashley!

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In fact, their “reunion” of sorts this week, was a joke at best; clearly thrown together as quickly as it could possibly be, in light of Fastlane right around the corner. After everything Dean Ambrose has done to these men, specifically Seth Rollins, turning heel on the night Roman Reigns announced his remission (which made for a great heel turn, but no so great for forgiveness so soon), after mocking The Big Dog’s condition on television; to bring “the band” back together – even if we all know it is for the last time – just made no sense. It has no real purpose.


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Will the WWE fans be entertained come Sunday? Fans of the Shield will be; however, he’s hoping that this six-man match not only becomes a last hurray for Dean Ambrose and his Shield mates: but that it serves a purpose storyline-wise, that it creates a chapter for something to be set up at Wrestlemania; that it means more than some t-shirts, wristbands, posters, and programs. Here’s hoping it makes some sort of mark for these three superstar.