Bron Breakker NXT Title
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Last night’s RAW offered some interesting highlights. A major one was Bron Breakker winning the NXT title from Dolf Ziggler. A new report that’s surfaced seems to imply the decision around Bron’s win was a last-minute thing.

Bron Breakker’s NXT Title Win Last-Minute Thing

It did seem odd that Breakker defeated Ziggler on Monday Night RAW. After all, Dolph had just retained his NXT championship against Bron this past Saturday at the Stand & Deliver event during WrestleMania 38 weekend.

Plus, a promo aired of Ziggler defeating Breakker at the weekend pay-per-view (PPV) during last night’s RAW, as well. It just didn’t make sense to spotlight this on a night where Breakker became NXT Champion.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez talked about this during their latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. In fact, Alvarez got rather heated as he talks about promoting a Dolph Ziggler title win, when Bron just won the NXT title, back.

Meltzer notes that the original plan was possibly for Ziggler to retain on RAW, but things changed. Both Dave and Bryan note they heard of a change earlier yesterday, but didn’t confirm a decision around this.

More On Bron Breakker’s NXT Title Win 

There was no confirmation that this was a last-minute decision. However, because of the NXT commercial airing during RAW, there’s a good chance it was.

There was also a point made that more fans tuned into RAW, versus NXT’s Saturday afternoon event. There wasn’t a ton of buzz around Stand & Deliver, so WWE may have decided to do a championship change so more eyes could be on the match.

Regardless, it’s clear that the company has big things in store for Bron Breakker. He’s received a major push since he popped up on the scene, during NXT 2.0’s debut.

Speaking of WrestleMania weekend, love him or hate, Logan Paul did a good job during his match on Night One of the flagship event. Sadly, the Miz turned on him, but it sounds like this is what Paul wanted.

Logan Paul’s WWE Deal

Dave Meltzer reports that Logan Paul negotiated to become a face in his WWE deal. While he played heel for the entire WM 38 match buildup, things changed entirely by the end of the match.

Bron Breakker NXT Title

Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

As most fans know, Paul teamed up with the Miz to go against Dominic and Rey Mysterio. After his team won the bout, Miz shocked everyone by taking Logan down with his finisher, the Skull Crushing Finale.

According to Meltzer, this was done to “turn” Paul into a babyface. This had been negotiated into his WWE deal.

Logan Paul’s WrestleMania History

Logan tried to work as a face during WM 37. Unfortunately, the WWE Universe didn’t accept him in that role.

Paul even got booed in his hometown of Cleveland, while making a WWE appearance. As he was not on RAW this week, it’s unclear if he’ll return to the company to continue a feud with Miz.

Anything is possible, especially the way things were left between the two, after their WM 38 match. Only time will tell.

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