Velveteen Dream NXT Return
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Velveteen Dream was surrounded by scandal when sexual harassment allegations were made against him. Unfortunately, the wrestler was released last year from NXT. With that said, he’s looking to make a return at some point.

Velveteen Dream Wants NXT Return

Dream was once a top star in NXT. However, allegations made against him caused #FireVelveteenDream to trend on Twitter, and he was eventually fired from the WWE in 2021.

Velveteen recently jumped on Instagram, uploading a post on his stories. He notes that the sexual harassment allegations were both “unsavory” and “trashy”.

Dream also states in the post that he wants to work at NXT again. Once these allegations are proven false that is.

Velveteen Dream Wants NXT Return – But Is It Possible?

Within the IG story, Velveteen reveals he’d “still like” a career with NXT. He notes he was “never guilty” and at only 26 years of age, he’s one heck of a talent.

Velveteen started training in 2014. About four months after he began, he debuted under the ring name of “Rick Powers”.

After participating in season six of Tough Enough, Dream was signed to a developmental contract with the WWE in 2015. He made his NXT television debut in the summer of 2016.

During his tenure with the brand, he snagged the coveted North American title. His last appearance on NXT was in late 2020, and he had months of inactivity before his official WWE release in mid-2021.

Dream is still very young and has a whole lot of life ahead of him. Should he beat these allegations without a shadow of a doubt, many other promotions, including WWE NXT, could be knocking at his door.

Speaking of, AEW fans continue to wait on a streaming service from the company. With their recent Ring of Honor (ROH) purchase, this might be happening sooner than most think.

AEW Streaming Service Update

AEW is a very new wrestling promotion, which means they have a limited content and video library. This can post quite a challenge when it comes to launching a streaming service.

Velveteen Dream NXT Return

Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

Their acquisition of ROH recently has changed the game, significantly. Especially since so many of their current top stars, started out in the promotion early on in their careers.

Tony Khan was a recent guest on Strong Style Live. AEW’s head honcho chatted about his ROH purchase and a possible streaming platform.

Tony’s “Complex” Talks With Warner Media

Khan notes he’s had a number of “complex” talks with WarnerMedia about where an AEW streaming service could end up. He also states that “everyone’s” aligned and on the same page.

It’s important to point out, Khan did not offer an update on where the content will “live”. He also didn’t offer a timeline around a launch.

However, some interesting news is that AEW did trademark the phrase “Watch Your Wrestling” recently. It’s one of Tony’s favorite things to say when asked about AEW and WWE’s “competition”.

Could it be the new catchphrase for a streaming service? Only time will tell.

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