William Regal 24 Hours
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Only a few years ago, current AEW talent William Regal was only given 24 hours to live. Also, there is talk of an Ring of Honor (ROH) Champion finding a new home.

William Regal Was Given 24 Hours To Live

William Regal is a veteran in pro wrestling, working decades around the world. He made a name for himself inside the ring in WCW and later WWE.

Unfortunately, Regal struggled for a long time with drugs and alcohol. It did cost him his job in WWE, but he cleaned-up his act and was rehired.

Due to his lifestyle, Regal has dealt with several medical issues. On Talk Is Jericho, Regal noted a heart problem in 2019, where he was only given 24 hours to live.

“I went home two weeks before Christmas [2018],” said Regal. “The last time my family was all together was 2018 for Christmas and I was in the hospital for eight weeks.” 

“I was given 24 hours to live. They were going to cut my leg off.” 

“This was January 4, 2019. I insisted on going home for Christmas and had a hell of a year, 2018.” 

“Since 1998, I had pericarditis, an inflammation of the sac around the heart, that scars that sac. Your heart can beat, but that sac can lockdown.” 

“I might not have looked like it, but I trained as hard as I did and taking bumps. It kept that from locking down and going solid, the skin around your heart.”

“I went to India, got really sick, and was out for a year. I had bouts on and off.”

After shifting to a backstage role, Regal was featured as the general manager of NXT. He was heavily liked by fans and wrestlers, so his release upset many.

Now, Regal is working alongside Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley in AEW. Still, Regal continues to help wrestlers wherever he heads.

AEW Wants ROH Champ

William Regal 24 Hours

Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

At Final Battle, Jonathan Gresham walked out as the ROH World Champion. He would be the final person to hold the belt under the Sinclair Broadcasting name.

Meanwhile, Tony Khan decided to buy ROH and the complete library. So, there is lots of uncertainty what will happen.

It does not seem like ROH will be going anywhere. They have their first show in months at the start of April, which will be run by Khan.

Since ROH went on hiatus, Gresham has continued to defend the belt around the country. Fightful Select reports Gresham will work for the Khan family, but it is not known if it will be with ROH, AEW or both.

“There have been assets produced indicating that Jonathan Gresham will be working under the Tony Khan umbrella,” reported Fightful Select. “That being said, we aren’t sure if that’s for All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor, or a combination of the two.” 

“Considering he holds the original ROH World Title belt, it would be safe to assume that he’s working some dates for them. Gresham was backstage at AEW Dynamite on February 23 all the way up in Bridgeport, CT, when he ran his Terminus 2 show in Atlanta the next day.”

At Supercard of Honor, Gresham will battle Bandido in a unification title match. They were supposed to wrestle at Final Battle, but COVID saw Bandido removed from the bout.

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