Scorpio Sky AEW Title
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Scorpio Sky winning an AEW title was something the company had planned going back to 2021. Also, Tony Khan has some idea on the direction for ROH going forward.

Backstage News On Scorpio Sky AEW Title Win

AEW has a bunch of titles, with some saying they have too many. The TNT Championship has been defended almost weekly, so a bunch of wrestlers have already held that gold.

On Dynamite, Sammy Guevara was looking to break the record for most title defenses. On the opposite side, Scorpio Sky had not been defeated for a year.

In the end, Sky pulled off what some considered an upset. Of course, he did have some help from American Top Team.

Now, Fightful Select notes that Sky winning the title has been in the works for some time. It was slightly delayed once Cody Rhodes departed AEW.

“The title win had been planned as far back as late 2021, Fightful Select reported. “We’re told that the Cody Rhodes departure caused a ‘minimal’ hiccup, but that a lot of what happened still went as planned.”

Rhodes is no longer under contract with AEW and was rumored for WWE. If he does not appear on Monday’s RAW, plans might have fallen through.

Sky is one of the first wrestles AEW signed. Before turning heel, he worked heavily with with his former stable, SCU.

There was always talk of making Sky a major star in AEW. So, now that he has the title, it seems like that push is finally beginning.

Tony Khan’s ROH Plan

Scorpio Sky AEW Title

Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Tony Khan promised a big announcement and he delivered. The head of AEW now owns Ring Of Honor (ROH) and their complete video library. 

Currently, the details are still be finalized. Therefore, people are still wondering how the owner of AEW will handle ROH.

During a post-media scrum for Revolution, Khan went over ROH’s history and some early ideas for the promotion.

“ROH has an amazing history and I do plan to respect it,” said Khan. “I do want to keep it alive.” 

“That’s one of the reasons they [Sinclair] were excited to work with me. Joe Koff and others told me that respecting legacy was important to them and that’s why they were so happy to see it end this way.” 

“One thing I plan to do is bring in a bunch of young wrestlers and they already have a bunch of them. I think we’re very successful here and I plan to continue doing very well with it, bringing in wrestlers who can work in both ROH and AEW.”

So, as for changes, Khan does like the current ROH style.

“For continuity sake, I [don’t want to change much about ROH],” said Khan. “Other wrestling companies have had multiple promotions under one corporate structure or under one person.” 

“Say if somebody were to come here and I’m not behind their whole act, and want to [change everything]. That’s not very conducive.”

Khan will have final say when say ROH returns next month for Supercard of Honor XV. Also, the belief is AEW talent will appear as little has been announced for the April 1 show in Texas.

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