Steve Austin WrestleMania 38
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Considing WrestleMania 38 is not far from where Steve Austin lives, he seems set for a role at the biggest show of the year. Also, The Briscoes on their current relationship with AEW.

Steve Austin – WrestleMania 38 Role

When January rolls around, people are on the lookout for surprises from WWE. They like to toss those names into the Royal Rumble Match and some rarely used legends even get a match at WrestleMania.

This year, WrestleMania 38 takes place from the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. WrestleMania has taken place in Texas four times, with their most recent coming inside the AT&T Stadium.

They say everything is bigger in Texas and WWE understands that belief. Therefore, there is talk of a major name appearing at the pay per view.

On the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned how Steve Austin seems probable to be there. Also, he continued how Austin would likely serve as a host and work some shows before the big day.

“Probably, he’ll be like the guest host,” said Meltzer. “So he probably will be on a couple shows leading up to it, yes. Austin will probably help those weeks.”

There is always talks of Austin appearing, but the timing and place seems perfect. The WWE Hall of Famer lives in Texas and has not appeared on the show since WrestleMania 32.

To promote WrestleMania 38, WWE had Austin take part in an ad with other superstars. That could be a big hint at what is to come.

If Austin does appear, expect two things. Look for him to hit a few stunners and drink a ton of beer. 

Austin last appeared on WWE TV just as the pandemic was beginning. He hit stunners on anyone around and had beer to celebrate it being “3:16” day.

The Briscoes – AEW Update

Steve Austin WrestleMania 38

Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

Ring of Honor (ROH) is set to return in a few months, but the company will look very different. They released all talent and went on hiatus after Final Battle in December.

Due to the pandemic, the company has really struggled to stay afloat. Even their owner and his company are reporting low numbers.

The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoes) are a record 12 time ROH Tag Team Champions. They still have the titles and seemed set for match with FTR considering what unfolded at Final Battle.

The angle had many believing they would at least join AEW for a bit to feud with FTR. Although, nothing has happened for about a month now.

While on Busted Open Radio, the brothers are ready for FTR.

“That’s the thing man, if it does happen, when and if, everybody else is going to have to take a backseat,” said Jay. “That’s just going to be the way it is.” 

“Once we get in there, ya’ll know what we’re going to do. Once they see we do us and FTR and we whoop their a—, they aren’t going to have no choice but to put us regularly on their television program.”

“I think once we make that splash, they’re going to want to see it again and again. But, I don’t think we’ve got to worry about riding the bench.”

Will The Briscoes ever meet FTR in an official. It is very likely, but maybe not the AEW banner.

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