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Bella Twins At WWE
January 24, 2023
During an Instagram Live, the Bella Twins lash out at the WWE. But, why? In other news, Mark Briscoe breaks his silence.
Jay Briscoe Dead
January 17, 2023
Horrible news as following a car accident, Jay Briscoe is dead at only 38 years old. Already tributes from wrestlers are pouring-in.
Huge Update Briscoes' Future
July 22, 2022
In a huge update, we are learning more about The Briscoes’ future. And, Triple H has taken the job once held by John Laurinaitis.
William Regal Denies Rumor
March 11, 2022
William Regal denies a rumor going around about his health. And, what problems are causing The Briscoes to not join AEW?
Triple H Possibly Retired
December 12, 2021
There is talk that Triple H has possibly retired from in-ring competition in WWE. And, AEW might have signed The Briscoes.