wwe sale talks confirmed
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It’s been rumored for a while, and now WWE sale talk has been confirmed. Plus, another Superstar return is rumored for the Royal Rumble on Saturday.

WWE Sale Talk Confirmed

People have whispered about it, while others have begged for it considering all the releases. Now, WWE sale talks have been confirmed, directly from someone who would know.

According to a piece in the Sports Business Journal, WWE President and hatchet man Nick Khan has confirmed sale talks.

More specifically, Khan confirmed that interested companies have called WWE, and the idea of talking about a sale has been confirmed.

However, while everything Khan and the company appear to be doing is setting WWE up for a sale…the WWE President indicated that, thus far, the company is not looking to do so.

wwe sale talks confirmed

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Honestly, hearing that the WWE sale talks are confirmed does not shock me.

It’s been talked about for years, the possibility of WWE being sold. Especially when the company began working with FOX, talk of a potential sale popped up.

Those discussions were also recently confirmed. The talks didn’t go far, and things ended up with FOX broadcasting SmackDown.

So what does it all mean?

That Nick Khan has cut a significant number of Superstars is undeniable. Released talent means reduced spending, in at least one area of the business.

Companies have been interested in buying, and thus far, WWE is not for sale.

However, to quote a certain WWE Hall of Famer…everyone has a price.

It seems a safe bet that WWE executives (Vince) have a price and package in mind…and such an offer has yet to be made.

Superstar Rumored For Royal Rumble

It’s that time of year, and another Superstar is rumored for the Royal Rumble on Saturday.

We’ve had some talent flat out announced by WWE, in a bit of an unusual move.

In fairness, not long before they announced names like Lita and Mickie James, there were rumblings that the company might have challenges filling out all 30 slots.

Just the other day, reports emerged that Ronda Rousey is expected to be in the Rumble this year as well.

Now, there is another name to add to the list of entrants…maybe.

superstar rumored for rumble

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It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Asuka inside a WWE ring.

Given the previously mentioned talent shortage (thanks, Nick!), and the need for some surprises, we may see her soon.

Per Fightful, a number of wrestlers are working with the belief that Asuka will be one of the 30 female Superstars battling on Saturday.

As far as returns and surprises go, Asuka is not the most shocking (Mickie James, being the Knockouts Champion, would have been a bigger one).

I’d consider her inclusion, surprise or not, to be quite logical. As talented as Asuka is, she could give the entire women’s division a boost.

And, if booked strong, she could easily bolster the women’s main event options.

While nothing has been confirmed, all signs are pointing to a return for Asuka on Saturday.

What once looked like a hard match to fill is steadily filling all of it’s 30 spots.

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