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Thomas Markle, the estranged father of Meghan Markle, has just revealed that he got into an argument with the doctor who delivered her back in 1981 over what race to put on her birth certificate.

Thomas ‘Had To Argue With The Doctor’

Thomas revealed this in a YouTube video with celebrity photographer Karl Larsen, saying that he did not let the doctor write that she was Black on the birth certificate. Thomas is white, while Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, is a black woman.

“I even had to argue with the doctor, and have him write that she was mixed on the birth certificate, because he wanted to mark down ‘Black,'” Thomas said. “I had no problem with Black or white, but in my mind, it should have been mixed.” 

Thomas and Doria were married from 1979 until they divorced in 1987. Check out Thomas’ full YouTube video below. 

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Meghan Discusses Her Race

In a 2016 essay for Elle UK, Meghan opened up about how she struggled to find her identity as a mixed-race woman during her childhood. She specifically recalled having to fill out a census in her seventh-grade English class at school, and pausing when it came time to check an ethnicity box. 

“You could only choose one, but that would be to choose one parent over the other — and one half of myself over the other […] I didn’t tick a box,” Meghan wrote.

“I left my identity blank — a question mark, an absolute incomplete — much like how I felt. When I went home that night, I told my dad what had happened,” she added. “He said the words that have always stayed with me: ‘If that happens again, you draw your own box.'”

Thomas Wants To Testify Against Meghan

Meghan and her father have been estranged since just before her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry. In this same YouTube video, Thomas revealed that he would like to testify against Meghan in court in the lawsuit that has been filed against her by his older daughter Samantha. Samantha claims that the Royal has told various lies about her. 

“I’ve been trying for almost four years to get to see my daughter and her ginger husband in a courtroom face-to-face,” Thomas said. “I haven’t seen them face-to-face or my grandchildren, so I’d be thrilled to come to court and talk and defend my oldest daughter.”

Meghan will undoubtedly not be pleased by the latest comments her father is making about her.

Given how “woke” she is, she likely isn’t pleased that her father stopped the doctor who delivered her from putting “Black” on her birth certificate. It seems that the estrangement between Meghan and her father will not be ending anytime soon. 

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