WWE Keith Lee Medical
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Keith Lee claims WWE would not pay his medical bills, but the promotion is denying what the former superstar said. Also, Bray Wyatt was supposed to already debut for AEW.

WWE Denies Keith Lee Medical Claim

In NXT, Keith Lee was a major attraction and one of their top competitors. In fact, he is the only person to simultaneously hold the North American and NXT World Championship.

Then, he was called to the main roster and got a nice push. Sadly, it did not last as it seemed WWE had no long-term directions.

Lee was in a feud over the United States Championship, but was removed with no explanation. Later, we learned he had COVID and heart inflammation.

That resulted in Lee missing months of TV. He would return, but was released with many other superstars.

There is rumor going around that Lee was not easy to work with backstage. Although, that has not been confirmed.

Keith Lee Broke His Silence On WWE Experience 

On his his birthday earlier in the month, Lee spoke about the release and his medical battle. He added that WWE did not pay for any of his medical bills.

“Greetings and salutations,” Lee posted on social media. “This day is my birthday! It is not a happy birthday, but it is one I am most grateful for.” 

“Several months ago, it was not a guarantee I would make it to this day, so there is positivity in that. I paid all my medical bills from the many offices and machines I frequented.” 

“There is posivity [sic] in that. And, I do find it amusing that people believe anyone but me paid for my medical expenses.”

“I was going to wait a couple weeks, but I think it’s time to look toward the future, forward march as I like to say. I am capable of so much more and I can’t wait to see what it looks like properly.” 

“So, I have a wide array of interests and abilities…. I also consider myself to be rather open minded. Here’s to a future that, for all intents and purposes….seems Limitless.”

WWE Issues Statement On Keith Lee Comments

So, WWE saw what Lee stated and issued a statement via PWInsider. Basically, they denied everything Lee stated.

WWE’s statement read:

”Keith Lee’s recent comments implying WWE failed to pay his medical bills are erroneous. WWE has an extensive healthcare program for the medical care of its in-ring performers and Mr. Lee was part of this program while with the company. Should Mr. Lee have any concerns over the payment of medical bills, he is welcome to address them with WWE.”

Lee will not be able to compete anywhere until early next year. With his talent, he will probably field several great offers. 

Bray Wyatt Was Set For AEW

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Bray Wyatt (aka Windham) is now free to sign anywhere. Despite being a very popular WWE superstar, he has not put ink to paper.

He is currently set to start working on a movie later in the month. Although, there were other plans.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated he was set to appear for AEW. For some unknown reason, that did not happen.

Impact Wrestling also showed interest, but, again, nothing. There is a chance Impact Wrestling could not match the amount of money Wyatt requested. 

Even though Wyatt is the biggest free agent in pro wrestling right now, no promotion can seem to sign him. It might just be a waiting game at this point.