WWE WrestleMania 37 Fans

WWE WrestleMania 37 Fans Update

The original plans for WWE WrestleMania 37 included going back to Hollywood. However, that has all changed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

According to a reports, WrestleMania 37 will see the promotion return to Tampa, Florida and the Raymond James Stadium. Ironically enough, that is the same venue that will host the NFL’s Super Bowl LV in early 2021.

Reports around the attendance allowed for Super Bowl LV have made it clear that 20-percent of the full capacity will be inside. That would mean roughly 13,000-15,000 people for the NFL game.

WrestleMania will take place March 28, 2021. WWE will have more wiggle room for fans to pack inside Raymond James Stadium. 

The setup allows for more room to space out and could have more of a maximum capacity because of the setup. Of course, things could also change due to COVID-19 by that time.

Vince McMahon’s idea for the show is to reintroduce WWE to fans. For most of 2020, WWE has been running shows without any fans or in limited capacity.

They do have the ThunderDome, but they will have to leave that venue in about a month as the Orlando Magic will use it. For now, WWE is scouting some other locations outside of Florida that have the capabilities to hold such a high-tech environment.

Everything is very fluid now because there is no telling what the world will look like in a few months. Currently, the number of cases related to the virus are going up and people have been told to prepare for the worst this winter.

AEW’s Plans For Wardlow


Dave Meltzer is reporting that All Elite Wrestling plans to make Wardlow a big-time babyface in the coming weeks.

Wardlow made his AEW debut as the “beef” to back up MJF. 

“He’s really got something, and I think everyone (in AEW) knows it,” Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “You know, they do got some guys and they do need to start pulling some triggers.

“You don’t want it to be like WWE where they just kind of flounder and then it’s too late. I’m not saying there’s a rush in Wardlow’s case. He comes out as a babyface, but his split with MJF, when it happens, I mean he really should be rocketed to a very high spot.”

The 32-year-old competed for several years on the independence scene before signing with AEW in 2019. His first reveal came in November when he attacked Cody before aligning with MJF to become his bodyguard. 

Since MJF failed to win the AEW World Championship at All Out, there has been tension between the two. At the next pay per view, we will learn if MJF will be able to join Chris Jericho’s stable The Inner Circle. 

If MJF defeats Jericho, then he is officially part of the group. Win or lose, AEW could build the ending into a way for Wardlow to go his separate way.

Wardlow made his in-ring debut earlier this year. He faced, and lost, to Cody in a steel cage match in his debut.

“He’s got a lot going for him,” Meltzer said. “He appeals to a lot of people, the monster thing works.”