Ivar Undergoing Neck Surgery, WWE Wanted Matt Sydal Back

WWE's Ivar will be out for a long time, with neck surgery scheduled for today. In other news, Vince McMahon wanted Matt Sydal back.

As previously reported, Ivar’s injury is quite serious. The WWE wrestler is scheduled for neck surgery today according to recent reports.

In other news, WWE wanted to get back Matt Sydal. However, the latter went with a career in AEW instead.

WWE Ivar Scheduled For Neck Surgery Tomorrow

WWE Ivar scheduled for neck surgery tomorrow

According to reports by Wrestling Observer LiveIvar is scheduled for neck surgery today. The procedure is set to take place in Birmingham, Alabama.

Ivar took a nasty fall during an eight-man tag match. Unfortunately, the dive through the ropes seems to have been responsible for the serious injury.

It was quickly clear Ivar suffered a serious injury, as he threw up the X-symbol shortly after taking the fall.

Ivar Could Be Out For The Better Part Of A Year

Ivar neck surgery

Originally, it was believed that Ivar would only be out for a couple of weeks. However, subsequent reports contest this.

Based on the rumored surgery, Ivar could be out for the better part of year. Naturally, this puts the push of the Viking Raiders on hold.

Injuries have ruined the push of many good wrestlers on the main roster, including Finn Balor. Let’s hope this will not be the case for The Viking Raiders.

WWE Wanted Matt Sydal Back, But He Chose AEW

Matt Sydal chose AEW over WWE

The name Matt Sydal might not mean much to you when you are a WWE fan. However, the name Evan Bourne might.

Before he returned to the indies, Matt Sydal was known as Evan Bourne in the WWE. For a while, he was a WWE tag team champion alongside Kofi Kingston.

Despite his previous tenure in WWE, Matt Sydal chose AEW. In fact, he even refused to go back for the Cruiserweight Classic.

“When the Cruiserweight tournament was originally happening, I talked to them about that. But at the time I was also talking to New Japan, and I just chose New Japan over WWE. It was kind of an easy choice for me at the time.”

One wrestler who took the same opportunity Sydal was offered was none other than TJ Perkins. Of course, we all know what happened to him…

The Best Choice For Sydal

Matt Sydal AEW

If you are an avid wrestling fan, you already know Sydal does not need the WWE. After all, he is an experienced veteran who can still perform at the highest level.

With the arrival of AEW, WWE was no longer the be and end all of wrestling. On top of that, more attention has come to indie promotions such as New Japan Wrestling.

Matt Sydal is a perfect example of a successful wrestler, but one who only used the WWE as a stepping stone. Now, he can go virtually anywhere without having to sign a less than lucrative WWE contract.

And it seems more wrestlers are following in his footsteps. Gallows and Anderson, The Revival, and even Miro are some of the wrestlers who left their WWE days behind, seemingly forever. 

It remains to be seen how the battle of the promotions will turn out. But there is no denying that some of the best wrestling is now in the “Indies.”

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