bron breakker idea nixed
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

According to a report, a fairly big Bron Breakker idea was recently nixed. Also, WWE is expecting 3 wrestlers to return before this year’s WrestleMania.

Big Bron Breakker Idea Nixed

While the man has been enjoying a meteoric rise, one big Bron Breakker idea was recently nixed.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE very nearly had Breakker and Dolph Ziggler get physical at the 2022 Royal Rumble.

Of course, as we know now…not a single NXT Superstar was in either of the men’s or women’s Rumble matches.

Which also means, of course, that the big Bron Breakker idea was nixed.

The idea may not be dead…but we didn’t get Breakker’s Rumble debut yet either.

bron breakker idea nixed

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

However, via WWE’s digital add-ons, we’ve seen Ziggler teasing an NXT appearance.

For his part…Breakker stoked those flames too.

Not long after this year’s Rumble, Ziggler noted that he was inclined to go to NXT and take Breakker’s championship off of his hands.

It’s an interesting development, to be sure. Should Ziggler and Breakker do battle, it would be just the latest main roster-to-NXT crossover.

AJ Styles recently worked a brief program with Grayson Waller.

Then, we had Riddle serve as the Shaman to MSK (filling in for the abruptly released Jeff Hardy).

We’ve seen others, even pre-NXT 2.0 reboot, of course.

Finn Balor actually did an entire second tour of duty, complete with another NXT Championship reign.

Perhaps my favorite? Kevin Owens showing up to take part in WarGames a few years ago.

Regardless, one big Bron Breakker was nixed…but as good as he’s been lately, there will be others.

3 Wrestlers To Return Before WrestleMania

Now that the Rumble is behind us, we’ve heard that 3 wrestlers are set to return before WrestleMania.

Now, it would have been nice to have seen some or all of them in this year’s Royal Rumble…but that did not happen.

All three would be huge boosts to the women’s division.

Per the Observer, WWE fans should be seeing them soon.

Bayley, Asuka and Lacey Evans were all popular options for Royal Rumble surprises.

None were in it.

According to some reports, Asuka was very close to being in the match, but when it came time for a decision, WWE did not feel she was medically ready.

wrestlers return for wrestlemania

source: @ewrestlingnews, twitter, screenshot

Bayley is nearing her own end of rehab. She has been recovering from a knee injury suffered at the Performance Center last spring.

Lacey Evans is the only one of the three not recovering from an injury. Instead, Evans has been out on maternity leave, as she and her husband welcomed their newest child to their family.

While none of the three made it to Saint Louis, they are all said to be in WWE’s plans for Dallas.

We already know that Charlotte will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Ronda Rousey.

Could any of the three step up to challenge Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship, perhaps?

No matter what, it will be great to have them back. Of course, considering the mess that was the women’s Rumble (and the men’s was too), it’s a shame none of them could have made it back in January.

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