could superstar retire soon
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As careers progress, everyone eventually steps away…so could one Superstar retire soon? And, following their AEW purchase, will some ROH staff lose their jobs?

Could Superstar Retire Soon

WWE has plenty of older talent, and one in particular has us asking…could this Superstar retire soon?

If you read the tea leaves…maybe.

Now, which one is the question of course. While the company has pushed for a youth movement, especially with NXT 2.0…the main roster has plenty of big names who are in the twilight of their careers.

Some of them have already become part-timers, special draws who are very close to being considered retired.

Goldberg, for example, would be one. But, he’s not the one saying he could retire soon (at least, not right now).

could superstar retire soon

source: @reymysterio, twitter, screenshot

In this specific instance, the Superstar who could retire soon is Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio, of course, is on the cover of the just-about-released WWE 2K22 video game.

In an interview with Complex as part of the media coverage of the game release, he touched on his career winding down.

It’s not much of a shock, but the future Hall of Famer acknowledged that he has little left to accomplish, outside of enjoying the rest of his time with WWE, and watching his son grow into his own role as a WWE Superstar.

This all makes a lot of sense. Back when Rey had a chance to leave WWE for AEW, many expected Dominik and his career was a big factor in keeping Mysterio in WWE.

Since re-signing, he has worked extensively alongside his son, including a stint as the first and only father-and-son tag champions in WWE history.

I have a feeling Mysterio may have a hard time walking away from the ring entirely, but considering his high flying style and some of the bumps he’s taken, seeing him phase out and retire isn’t hard to understand either.

Will ROH Staff Lose Jobs

As often happens when one company buys another, there are subsequent cuts. So now, people are wondering, will ROH staff lose their jobs.

It’s a valid concern, after Tony Khan announced that he had purchased the promotion last week.

Khan already has staff running AEW, and ROH had it’s own staff doing the same things.

So, will Khan keep redundant staff, or will some ROH staff lose jobs?

will roh staff lose jobs

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

According to SE Scoops…many within ROH fear that they will not have a job once the purchase is a completely done deal.

Right now, while the deal has been agreed to, there is still plenty of paperwork and processes to work through. That may take a month.

Reports indicate that those who have worked for ROH under the soon to be former ownership (Sinclair) have been told to start looking for work, either elsewhere within Sinclair, or outside of it.

Khan has been up front about wanting to preserve ROH’s legacy. That doesn’t mean he is too worried about keeping any ROH staff gainfully employed.

It sounds like many will not be once it is all said and done.

As with many other mergers and acquisitions, the buyer is mostly interested in the intellectual property.

In this case, Tony Khan likely primarily wanted the promotion for it’s name, cache, and extensive video library. If (or more likely when) AEW enters a streaming deal similar to what WWE has, having the added years of ROH footage will help.

And you don’t need very many legacy ROH staff for that.

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