Rhea Ripley WWE
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Basically, Rhea Ripley had to completely change as WWE nearly let her go several times. Also, Corey Graves confirms that he is cleared to wrestle again.

Rhea Ripley Almost Let Go By WWE

One of the youngest superstars on WWE’s main roster is Rhea Ripley. At only 25 years old, people see Ripley as the future of the women’s division. 

Although, that nearly did not happen. Apparently, WWE was looking to let her go.

My Love Letter To Wrestling with Mark Andrews spoke to Ripley further about what happened.

“I was on the chopping block a couple times and nearly got booted,” said Ripley. “I just had a lot going on and I was very down.” 

“Want to say, at that six month period, I was like, ‘You know what? Stop this. I don’t care what anybody thinks about me. All they’re going to do is judge me anyway.’”

“I had to change my mental game completely. Started going to a gym, which is the first gym I’ve ever signed up for.” 

“I was terrified. Don’t like being around people, so I was absolutely terrified.”

“We have this thing called car wash, where you take photos and videos leading up to the Mae Young Classic so we can get all the footage we need. I rocked up in this new gear.” 

“I got my haircut of course. Everyone of the coaches were like, ‘What’s this?’ I said, ‘The new Rhea Ripley.’” 

So, after working NXT and winning their Women’s Championship, Ripley would join the main roster. Then, she became RAW Women’s Champion and was already working WrestleMania.

Plus, she captured the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Currently, Ripley needs a match for WrestleMania 38.

Corey Graves Confirms Report

Rhea Ripley WWE

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The in-ring WWE career of Corey Graves was thought to be over due to concussions. Then, reports came out that Graves was cleared to return inside the ring.

Now, while speaking on TMZ Live, Graves confirmed the report.

“I went and spent some time with doctors over the past,” said Graves. “Actually, in the middle of the last year, I kind of got the itch and I think this is one of the first times I’m saying this publicly.” 

“Yeah, I have been medically cleared to compete. “It’s not an immediate goal of mine, it was just something thatI needed to know that I needed to know for my own sanity.”

“My journey in the ring got cut short and it’s kind of eaten at me for years. Always wondering, ‘what if? What if there’s a chance? What if there’s an opportunity?’” 

“And, turns out that I am a little more okay than I thought I was.” 

“But you never say never. It’s not an immediate goal, but I mean, you can’t ever take the wrestler out of my heart. So I’d be remiss if I didn’t have any interest.”

Time will tell if that itch amounts to an in-ring return. For now, Graves is very busy at the announce table.

Also, he stays occupied on the computer using podcast and uploading videos alongside Carmella.

So far, Graves’ only real physical action was briefly holding the 24/7 Championship. Basically, Graves fits well into his current position and might not want to disrupt life getting back inside the ring.