Corey Graves In-Ring Action
Source: Nate Rivers, Twitter, Screenshot

Corey Graves retired from the squared circle in 2014 while still in NXT. It was from back-to-back concussion issues.

He was then offered a commentator job from HHH and has done great as a heel announcer. Now, a report reveals that Graves has been cleared for in-ring action.

Corey Graves Cleared For WWE In-ring Action

According to Fightful Select, Graves has been partially cleared, at least, to participate in physical activities. WWE sources reveal that the heel commentator was actually cleared by WWE physicians in 2020.

It’s important to note, the company, nor Corey Graves, has denied or confirmed this news. Interestingly enough, Graves did win the 24/7 title back in 2020 for a brief time.

This is despite being on an internal “no contact” list the WWE has. Fightful confirms that Graves is no longer on this list.

Generally, when someone is taken off the list, this clears them to wrestle. What’s in store for Corey Graves, now?

Corey Graves Cleared In-ring Action … What Now?

Graves recently stated that Edge’s return gave him that “itch” to compete again. But, will WWE give him the opportunity to do so?

As per the report, a number of pitches have been made. However, none have been picked up.

It could be that the WWE is just looking for the right time and place. It’s also no secret that Graves is an amazing commentator and the company may not want to lose him in this role.

Speaking of being cleared, it was recently announced that the Bella Twins will participate in this year’s Women’s Royal Rumble. But is this a one-off or are there more matches in her future?

Nikki Bella – More Matches To Come?

Both Nikki and Brie haven’t wrestled for quite a bit. In fact, many thought Nikki was done with the squared circle, due to a neck injury.

Corey Graves In-Ring Action

Source:, Twitter, Screenshot

The sisters recently chat about their big 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble announcement during a recent The Bellas podcast. Nikki specifically talked about whether the match would be considered a “comeback”.

Nikki notes it’s always fun to have surprises. She also states that “her guess” is there are still more “surprises” on the horizon.

Bella adds that the “greatest” thing about WWE and these big pay-per-views (like the Royal Rumble) is someone can come back for one night. She also states that the WWE will allow the Twins to come back as many times as they want if their bodies can handle it.

The Bellas – One More Run?

During this, Nikki also notes that she’s officially been cleared. This opens a door for future matches.

The Twins have never made it a secret around their desire for one more run. Especially since the Women’s tag titles were introduced in 2019.

Both women were busy in 2020 with motherhood duties. Nikki gave birth to her first baby (a boy) while Brie had her second child (a boy) with Bryan Danielson.

Will the 2022 Royal Rumble become a one-off match for the Bellas or will this launch an official WWE comeback with one more run? Only time will tell!