Carmella Has Working Injured
Source: WWE India, Twitter, Screenshot

Late last year, Carmella and Queen Zelina scored the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles. Despite defending these championships during this week’s RAW, turns out, Mella has been working injured.

Carmella Has Been Working Injured

Many fans picked up on the fact that Carmella didn’t get involved “in the action” this past Monday night, during her title bout on RAW. The reason for this was recently revealed on PW Insider Elite Audio by Mike Johnson.

Mike notes that Carmella never tagged into the bout, as she’s dealing with “nagging” injuries. Still, he goes on to state that the WWE is placing her in different scenarios for her to perform, but prevent her from anything overly “physical”.

Johnson goes more into “how” Carmella has been performing on RAW. He states that if fans look closer at her matches, she’s tagging in and out, but doing shorter moves and leaving the ring.

More On How Carmella Has Been Working Injured

Mike adds that Zelina Vega was doing more of the physical stuff in their match, this week. In fact, she did “all the wrestling”, and didn’t tag Carmella in.

Lastly, Johnson also notes that a source told him that Carmella is hurting badly. However, she is trying to get through it all.

It’s important to note that Carmella’s injury was not stated. Here’s hoping whatever she’s dealing with, she can recover from, soon.

Last year was a bad one for WWE releases. Sadly, 2022 is off to a terrible start, with more employees that were let go recently.

Latest Round Of WWE Releases

NXT was hit hard this week with behind-the-scenes talent that was released. The company also let go two additional coaches.

Carmella Has Working Injured

Source: Johnny Gargano, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE issued a statement revealing that these recent releases were due to the “continued evolution” of NXT 2.0. As such, a number of writers, producers, and coaches have been let go.

NXT producer “Road Dogg” Brian James (also a WWE Hall of Famer) was one of the first to be announced and was a major shocker. William Regal, who was longtime NXT General Manager and had a major role in WWE recruitment, was another.

WWE’s Senior Vice President of Consumer Products, Sarah Cummins, was also let go. In addition, Dave Kapoor, WWE writer and most well known to fans as Ranjin Singh, the manager of the Great Khali, was released.

More WWE NXT Talent Released

Other releases include Hideki Suzuki, hired from Japan last year. He worked as Hachiman of The Diamond Mine, and did some coaching.

In addition, Timothy Thatcher worked as a coach during his absence from television due to an injury. Danny Burch also coached while out of action for most of 2021, thanks to a shoulder injury.

Interestingly enough, Burch did return to action in August of last year. He exits the company as a former NXT Tag Team Champion.

Lastly, Cathy Corino was let go. Some may remember her as wrestling veteran, Allison Danger.

Corino worked as a “guest coach” in May 2021 to help out with SummerSlam tryouts. She was then hired as a coach in October.

Here’s hoping this is the last of WWE releases. With that said, most fans get the feeling that 2022 might mirror 2021 when it comes to superstars being let go.