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Details On Cesaro Leaving WWE, Big Brian Cage – AEW Update

Cesaro leaving WWE is a major shock and we are learning some backstage details on what happened. And, a huge update on Brian Cage in AEW.

When news broke that Cesaro was leaving WWE, people wanted to know the details. Also, Brian Cage will actually be sticking around AEW.

Details On Cesaro Leaving WWE

WWE has been letting talent go and another one is gone. Although, this had to do with a contract expiring and not a release.

PWInsider broke the news that Cesaro is no longer part of WWE. He was scheduled for this week’s SmackDown, but a deal could not be reached.

“There were plans to use Cesaro on upcoming shows, but that is no longer the case,” reported Fightful Select. “We were told that at the time of the departure, there had been no long term creative plans for Cesaro.”

“And that unless a new deal was reached, that would remain the case. Cesaro had lost his last seven televised matches dating all the way back to November.” 

“We’re told there was no indication he was going to re-sign. Therefore, no incentive to push him accordingly.”

As of now, WWE is yet to make a public statement about Cesaro. And, they will probably pass on commenting.

Both sides were speaking about a new deal. Obviously, the two parties were unsuccessful in coming to an agreement. 

As for the locker room, they are disappointment and in dismay over the news.

“The immediate reaction from those within the company was disappointment and dismay,” reported Fightful Select. “Cesaro has been one of the most universally liked talent on the roster.” 

“We’re told this was not a case of WWE not wanting him there. In fact, he was offered a new contract, in which WWE sources claim was rejected.”

Cesaro has no non-compete clause and can join any promotion effective immediately. AEW, Impact Wrestling, MLW and NJPW have to be favorites for the popular star who should have been world champion.

Big Brian Cage – AEW Update

Details Cesaro Leaving WWE
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It is no secret AEW will not be renewing a bunch of contracts. Many wrestlers who started with the upstart promotion three years ago will see their deals expire without a new offer.

Brian Cage was thought to be one of those wrestlers. Although, Fightful Select reports Cage told friends this week AEW picked up his contract for another year.

The decision is certainly surprising as even Cage was under the belief he would not be asked to re-sign. Basically, he figured AEW would let the contract expire.

Cage was not alone in his thoughts as the boys and girls in the back thought the same. He last wrestled October 8, losing to Rick Starks.

Cage joined AEW and got a massive push that led to a World Championship program. He never won gold in AEW, but was awarded some.

Taz gave Cage his FTR Championship, which AEW does not recognize as part of their company. Eventually, Team Taz turned on Cage and he feuded with them a bit.

For the most part, Team Taz got the better of Cage.

Then, there was Cage’s wife sending a negative message by blasting AEW’s booking of her husband.

No word on when Cage will be back on TV.

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