Nia Jax Says WWE Was Abusive, Rey Mysterio May Retire This Year

Nia Jax WWE Abusive
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According to Nia Jax, WWE felt like an abusive relationship at times. Also, Rey Mysterio is heavily debating retiring before the year ends.

Nia Jax Says WWE Was Abusive

Nia Jax got into the pro wrestling business with no prior experience. Although, she is related to The Rock and is part of that famous wrestling family.

She spent some time in NXT before going to the main roster. Her time was mixed, with some great moments and then low ones.

She won the RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania and held tag team gold with Shayna Baszler. Overall, she was able to accomplish some goals before being released in November of last year.

There is no official word on what led to the release. If you ask some, they say it is because she publicly refused to get vaccinated.

Whatever the reason, Nia is longer with WWE. And, there is some talk she might switch careers.

While speaking on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Nia mentioned her time in WWE felt like she had Stockholm Syndrome. She went even further, by calling the relationship abusive. 

“It’s scary to say but I feel really good,” said Nia. “Like, happy. It’s almost like Stockholm Syndrome.” 

“I was in this crazy, almost slightly abusive relationship with a company. But also good, there are good parts to it. But now it’s done.”

“I kind of get to be myself again, which I haven’t been in a long time. So I feel good, but it’s also just a scary party where you’re like ‘okay, who is Lina now that she’s not Nia Jax?’”

The bad times for Nia are when she was blamed for being too rough inside the ring. The most famous moment involved Becky Lynch as she was becoming “The Man.”

Right before Lynch’s big match with Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series, Nia broke Lynch’s face and gave her a concussion. WWE was forced to change the pay per view bout days later.

Kairi Sane was busted open on the ring steps and Nia got into a shoot style fight with Charlotte Flair as well. Still, many came to Nia’s defense and stated she is safe inside the ring.

Rey Mysterio May Retire This Year

Nia Jax WWE Abusive

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Rey Mysterio turned 47 in December and is really thinking about hanging up his boots for good. First, he needs to make sure his son, Dominik Mysterio, can carry on the family legacy.

When speaking to Rasslin with Brandon F. Walker, Mysterio went into details about his vision for the future.

“I think I’ll step back once I feel like my son is ready just to take off on his own,” said Rey. “That would be really helpful for him. I’m hoping that it happens within this year.”

“For him to branch out and take care of things on his own. I’ve had the opportunity to be on the same house shows as him, with me wrestling in a completely separate match and him wrestling by himself.”

The two have already made history by being the first WWE father and son Tag Team Champions. Since dropping the belts, the two seem to have problems communicating.

From the looks of things, WWE could be planning a feud between the two. But, Rey has been adamant about not wrestling his son.

If the two do meet, look for WWE to wait until WrestleMania. Maybe, Rey drops the mask and his son takes it to begin the newest part in the Mysterio legacy.