Rey Mysterio Big Angle
Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

Rey Mysterio was offered a match against his son Dominik, but he declined the big angle. Also, AEW’s Jake Roberts has been away from TV as he underwent surgery.

Rey Mysterio Turns Down Big Angle

Ever since Dominik Mysterio started wrestling for WWE, there was one question. Fans wanted to know, when they would see father vs son.

According to Rey, do not look for that match to happen. While speaking with talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy, Rey does not want to wrestle his son in a passing the torch scenario.

“I think in a perfect world I would love to step out of the ring, and kind of just pass the torch onto my son,” said Rey. “You know a lot of people talk about the possible turn and father vs. son.” 

“For me, it would mean much more to take my mask off and say, ‘Here. It’s your time. I’m stepping away. Continue with this. Write it,’”

So, Rey is open to dropping the mask and handing it off to his son when it is time to go. That does sound like a cool moment and maybe better than a singles match between the pair.

If you have been watching, it does seem like WWE is up to something on SmackDown. Dominik has trouble beating Sami Zayn and he seems to be blaming dear old dad.

If Dominik does turn on Rey, it would be a major heel move. Seeing a heel Mysterio is something fans have not witnessed.

There is no doubt that Rey’s in-ring career is dwindling. His latest run with WWE has seen the future Hall of Famer get injured less.

Ever since Dominik entered the picture, he has been frequently teaming with his father. The two even managed to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Championship for a bit.

AEW Talent Has Surgery

Rey Mysterio Big Angle

Source: Wrestling News, Twitter, Screenshot

Missing from AEW TV has been one of the greatest talkers in the business. Jake Roberts usually accompanies “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer to the ring.

Although, that has not happened in some time. Now, Cassidy Haynes from, reports that Roberts underwent foot surgery.

Roberts apparently had pins inserted into some of his toes. He has been cleared to return and could be back on TV this week.

AEW does bring in lots of names well past their prime, but they like to pair them with younger talent. We have seen this with Arn Anderson, Vickie Guerrero, Taz, Tully Blanchard and Don Callis.

For Roberts, his first appearance took place shortly before the Pandemic began. He started a feud with Cody Rhodes and quickly brought in Archer to help.

While AEW was stuck in Florida for a year, Roberts still frequently appeared. It was a bit surprising considering his age and past medical problems that he was allowed to mingle.

Roberts was and still remains one of the best on the mic. That little touch has helped elevate Archer closer to the main event each passing week.