WWE Release Mustafa Ali
Source: @GoodOl_JM, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE has opted not to grant Mustafa Ali a release. Also, The Elite turned down a huge offer from Triple H.

WWE Won’t Release Mustafa Ali

Like others, Mustafa Ali had enough of WWE and has requested his release. Now, according to  Fightful Select, WWE will not grant the release.

They continued how the word “value” was frequently brought up when discussing Ali. At the moment, he will not be going anywhere else.

Of course, Ali broke the news about wanting out on social media.

He last wrestled on the October 29 edition of SmackDown. On that eventing, he lost to Drew McIntyre.

Also, there is talk that Ali and Vince McMahon got into a big argument several months back. Still no word on what sent that conversation to go in that direction.

The Elite Offered Big Money

WWE Release Mustafa Ali

Source: @Kevin_Cabeza14, Twitter, Screenshot

Prior to the inception of AEW, many fans were wondering whether The Elite, comprised of Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Adam Page, would ever make their way to WWE once their contracts with NJPW and ROH were up.

While speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy noted how Triple H wanted the group. He was so interested, they offered a huge amount of money.

“So long story short, I didn’t speak to Adam Page, but I did speak to the Young Bucks a lot, and they were also in negotiations,” said Hardy. “WWE was trying to get all these guys.”

“They wanted to lock them all down. But, I do know that Triple H, Trips, was all over those guys [Omega, Bucks, and Hangman] as far as trying to bring them in.” 

“They offered them a ton of money and I know they did Hangman as well. You just got to think how different would the present look if those guys did leave and go to WWE?’”

In the end, Hardy does pose an interesting question. Without The Elite, there is a possibility AEW would be dead on arrival.

So far, every member from stable has won gold in AEW. Kenny Omega, the world former champion, lost the title to “Hangman” Adam Page. As for the rest, The Young Bucks won tag team titles and Cody Rhodes has the TNT Championship. 

From what we know, almost the entire group has re-signed with AEW at some point. Cody seems to be the only one yet to renew his deal.