SmackDown In A Nutshell: Blue Brand Trick Or Treating For All

It's a Halloween themed SmackDown in a Nutshell, and the blue brand is going to do some trick or treating for all of us!

It’s not just any Friday SmackDown in a Nutshell. This week, the blue brand is trick or treating for all!

Of course, if you missed things on the calendar…Halloween is Sunday.

So yes, the blue brand will be trick or treating for all. It’s a lot easier this way…who needs to go out, get all decked out and do all that walking, right?

In any case, it should be an interesting week. Will we see Charlotte Flair this week?

And if we do...will she be behaving better that last week?

With Brock Lesnar now “indefinitely suspended”…will we find out who fills the challenger void for Roman Reigns?

With it being trick or treating time…will tonight give us that new persona teased by Jeff Hardy? Probably not…but it’s fun to dream.

So it won’t quite be trick or treating…I mean, there aren’t any peanut butter cups coming through the screen…but it’s the best the blue brand can do, right?

So, let’s see what SmackDown delivers with this Nutshell, shall we?

It is time for…

SmackDown In A Nutshell: Blue Brand Trick Or Treating For All

blue trick or treating
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Let’s unwrap this Nutshell and see how we made out!

Best Match of the night:

The main event, of course.

Worst match of the night:

Shayna Baszler versus Naomi.

Joke ref, joke match. The only bright side?

I think Shayna’s ring gear was Ghostbuster themed. If it wasn’t…it certainly made me think of a trap.

smackdown in a nutshell
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Crowd Chants of the Night:

You deserve it

Star of the Night

I think we can give this one to King Xavier, along with Sir Kofi

smackdown in a nutshell blue trick or treating
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Spot of the Night:

Nothing significant.

Jobber of the Night:

This might not be popular…but Sasha Banks.

Why? How?

Because she played the unlikely face…considering she has been more heel of late…and she took a beating from a new girl.

Well, not super new…but relatively new, in Shotzi.

It is only one night, of course. But having Banks put over Shotzi is not a bad move.

Even if I’d rather cheer Shotzi. So it will be interesting to see if Shotzi is a heel moving forward.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Well, that is one way to get more established. Shotzi had herself a match against Charlotte Flair.

She did well enough, but lost. The loss, of course, was blamed to a distraction by Sasha Banks.

So, after the loss…Shotzi Blackheart demolished Sasha Banks.

Botch of the night:

I can’t tell if Charlotte was trying to not say the wrong thing and get in trouble…or if the crowd actually got to her a bit.

However, she stumbled a few times giving her promo.

Commentary of the night:

“Baseball’s boring, we will be back on FOX next week!”

That might get McAfee in some hot water, considering…well…FOX broadcasts both the blue brand and the baseball game that pushed them to FS1.

But, it was still funny.

LOL Moment of the night:

The Halloween themed fight. It was not great, but it was not nearly as bad as it could have been.

Noteworthy Moment:

So not only is Brock Lesnar “suspended indefinitely” because of what he did last week (translation: he needed time off because of his contract), but he also has a hefty fine too.

Speaking of Lesnar…take note. We’ve had rumors of Drew-Roman for a while…and tonight, McIntyre finished off Ali with…a kimura.

As in, you know…one of Brock’s moves.

Also…curious move…no Reigns on the live show.

But then, there is this:

Overall lowlights:

Really not a fan of Mustafa Ali after he lost to Drew.

The world needs more positive vibes. Not Superstars-even for heel heat-saying people don’t like him because of who he is, or what his name is.

Now sure, there might be people who don’t like him because of that. But I’d rather ignore those dimwits than using them as a way to get Ali heel heat.

Overall highlights:

Lots of possibilities with King Xavier, I think most folks recognize that.

If the move was mostly a way to give him some love, without giving him a singles title? I can live with it, I think.

Either way, Woods is running with the royalty thing, and it works.

I liked Shotzi, I think it is a smart move to build up some new faces in the women’s division.

After the final bell:

Not too bad for the blue brand going trick or treating, honestly.

We had no Lesnar (obviously) and no Reigns. We didn’t even have a new challenger emerge for Roman, but why should we now?

I mean, the next match on Roman’s radar is likely going to be Survivor Series. That would line him up with Big E.

However, it’s hard to not imagine Drew McIntyre being built up to take on Reigns.

Overall, a good enough show in a Nutshell, all things considered.

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