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WWE Tried To Rehire Jeff Hardy & Put Him In HOF, CM Punk’s Future

Weeks ago, WWE offered to rehire Jeff Hardy and put him in the Hall of Fame (HOF). And, CM Punk isn't sure how much more his body can take.

Although unsuccessful WWE tried to rehire Jeff Hardy and put him into their Hall of Fame. Also, CM Punk is questioning his pro wrestling future.

WWE Tried To Rehire Jeff Hardy & Put Him In HOF

Jeff Hardy has departed WWE several times. Most of those involved him being fired or quitting. 

The most recent incident took place during a Texas live event on December 4. Basically, Hardy was in a six person main event and looked sluggish.

Then, he tagged out and left through the crowd in a bizarre moment. WWE pulled him from the road and then released him.

Typically, WWE offers a superstar rehab. If they turn it down, they are legally allowed to fire that person.

According to Matt Hardy, his brother is doing fine, Also, he continued that Jeff does not need rehab.

Now, the story takes another strange twist. The Wrestling Observer reports how John Laurinaitis contacted Jeff a few weeks ago to rehire him.

He offered him a spot in the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame class and to return inside the ring. Well, Jeff turned down both offers.

And, he was not done. He mentioned the drug test he took in December and how long it took for WWE to get the results.

The report continued how Jeff did get the test back after about six weeks later. If WWE offered him his job back, the results were likely negative.

A major concern for WWE is what will Jeff do next. He will be free to sign anywhere on March 9, which is when AEW Dynamite airs.

Matt is already in AEW and seems to be enjoying it. It might not take much convincing to bring Jeff in. 

WWE does not want AEW to capitalize on The Hardy Boyz. About three decades later and the team is as popular as ever.

At this point, I doubt WWE can bring Jeff back. It is likely only a matter of time before Matt and Jeff reunite under the AEW umbrella. 

CM Punk’s Future

WWE Rehire Jeff Hardy
Source: @ProWFinesse, Twitter, Screenshot

When CM Punk left WWE in early 2014, many thought he would return. Years passed and nothing happened, so people believed he was done.

Then, AEW was created and they have done an amazing job. Fans love the product and wrestlers mostly seem happy there.

Therefore, Punk signed in August of last year. So far, he is undefeated and seems to be having a blast.

Although, he did take to Twitter to comment on his current run. He thanked the fans, but noted he is not sure who much longer his body can go.

At 43 years old and after so much time away, the body feels different. With each passing match, Punk seems to be finding his groove again.

Currently, Punk has been feuding with The Pinnacle for over a month. It will lead to his biggest test to date as he takes on the most hated man in pro wrestling, MJF.

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