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Concern For Jeff Hardy, NXT Superstar Not Done Yet

After a bizarre set of events over the weekend, there is concern for Jeff Hardy again. And, at least one NXT Superstar is not done yet.

Fan reports are coming in from a house show, and they are generating concern for Jeff Hardy. And, in spite of an expiring contract, one NXT Superstar is not done yet with the brand.

Concern For Jeff Hardy

In a bit of troubling news from the weekend, there is a growing concern for Jeff Hardy.

WWE ran a house show in Edinburg, Texas over the weekend. Jeff Hardy was on the card, but things did not go well for the WWE Superstar.

Fan reports hit social media, and these are in part generating concern for Jeff Hardy.

If fan reports didn’t paint a bleak enough picture, there is this:

WWE has yet to issue any official update, but Hardy’s behavior is concerning regardless of one’s past.

However, it is Jeff Hardy, and his personal demons are well-documented. Hopefully, this incident has nothing to do with them.

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Fan reports indicated he seemed “off” and “sluggish” even before he exited into the crowd, and indeed even before the match started.

It remains unclear if this was Hardy trying to fight through an illness or perhaps even a bad bump from the prior show. Or, if it is something much worse.

At this point, all we can do is wait for further news, and hope for the best.

NXT Superstar Not Done Yet

Much has been said about the expiring contracts of some of the brand’s talent…but at least one NXT Superstar is not done with the brand yet.

Arguably, we could say both of the impending free agents aren’t quite done yet, given how things ended Sunday at War Games…

But this is only about one NXT Superstar in particular.

So which NXT Superstar is not done yet?

That would be Johnny Gargano.

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According to multiple reports, after War Games went off the air, Gargano spoke to the fans.

As he said, he will tell all on Tuesday’s NXT television show.

Now, it should be noted that this appearance indicates nothing about a possible contract extension.

Gargano’s original WWE contract was to expire December 3rd. He signed a one week extension to last through War Games, which ultimately means his contract is up on December 10th.

The next NXT television show is December 7th, so the Superstar appearing is not really a surprise, since he is still under contract.

Many fans expect it could be a farewell, considering the messages during War Games on Sunday.

Former partner Tommaso Ciampa heaped praise on Gargano. Further, Johnny Wrestling got to come in last to the main event.

Then, of course, there was this message Gargano himself posted to Twitter after the show.

What does it mean?

Put it all together and it certainly feels like Tuesday’s segment will close the books on his time with NXT, and perhaps (probably?) WWE.

That said, the company is not routinely in the habit of giving time to exiting Superstars.

The most similar and recent experience would be with the exit of Adam Cole. Gargano has done more and meant more to NXT than Cole, but Cole was still a major part.

While Cole worked on an extension and had a major TakeOver match prior to his exit, he didn’t get a chance to “tell all”.

Those kinds of segments tend to turn into angles (like Mark Henry’s “retirement”).

If nothing else, it lets WWE leverage Gargano for ratings one last time.

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