WWE Bobby Lashley Plans
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Bobby Lashley is your new WWE Champion, despite the fact that there are no plans on what to do now. Also, Mickie James reflects on being the first signed Impact Wrestler to work a WWE match on TV.

WWE Has No Plans For Bobby Lashley

The Royal Rumble saw a major title change as Bobby Lashley pinned Brock Lesnar to became WWE Champion again. In the end, Paul Heyman turned on Lesnar and Roman Reigns also assisted in Lashley winning the gold.

Lesnar won the title a month ago at the Day 1 pay per view. That was a last minute call because Reigns had COVID.

According to WreslteVotes, a major problem is WWE has no plans for Lashley. 

Reigns getting sick clearly messed things up. WWE needed to get the belt off Lesnar and Lashley was the only legit option.

With WrestleMania 38 getting close, WWE usually has their top matches already booked. Clearly, they will have to find a new program for Lashley since Lesnar vs Reigns is all but confirmed.

Mickie James Makes History

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WWE had a major problem with the Women’s Royal Rumble Match. Basically, there are 30 entrants and there are nowhere near that number of female wrestlers on the main roster.

So, they had to rely on NXT and names from the past. The most interesting entrant in recent years has to be Mickie James.

Fans knew she would be there to make history. She became the first and only Impact wrestler, under contract, to appear on WWE TV.

Not only that, but she came out to her Hardcore Country theme and wore the Impact Knockouts Championship. WWE even acknowledged the belt during the pay per view.

After the show, WWE spoke to James on making history. Based off her remarks, she was just happy to be there and called the moment unbelievable.

“If you would have said to me that me taking part in the [Royal Rumble] would be happening right now, I never would’ve believed you,” said James. “And here we are; we went out there and made history.” 

“Obviously, I wanted to win. I had my sights set high because the winner goes on to WrestleMania and I wanted that moment.”

“But, just to go out there as WWE family, as Mickie James – the legend, also as Hardcore Country Mickie, something that the WWE Universe never saw and to represent Impact as the Knockouts World Champion, I thought I did a great job. I had a heck of a showing.” 

“I really am sorry I wasn’t able to win, but in my heart the world won because we just broke down one of the biggest ceilings you’ve ever seen. And we did it for the ladies.”

Not long ago, James put WWE on blast. After being released, her belongs were mailed in a garbage bag.

So, she went to social media and WWE took action. People were fired and the company issued a public apology. 

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