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“Duck Dynasty” fans may think that they know everything about the Robertson family at this point, but Willie Robertson just dropped a bomb about his father Phil that is sure to surprise most of them!

Phil Roberson Started As Quarterback Over Bradshaw

In a new interview with Outsider, Willie revealed that Phil once started as quarterback over the future NFL legend Terry Bradshaw when they were both students at Louisiana Tech University.

“I thought it was amazing that your dad gave up the game of football,” said podcast host Marty Smith. “I want you to get into how talented your father Phil was as a quarterback. But he bounced from all that because all he wanted to do was have anonymity and live in the woods. And then the next thing you know he’s the most famous son of a gun on the face of the Earth.”

“You know he rarely talks about any of that. He’s such a unique person — he’s not the guy that goes, ‘Back when I was playing…’— none of that,” Willie replied. “So, you really have to pull it from him.”

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Why Phil Didn’t Pursue Football

Willie went on to say that when he once asked Phil why he didn’t continue with football, the Robertson family patriarch replied, “Well, I didn’t have that jock mentality. I used it to get my education.”

Phil’s main goal was indeed his education, and he went on to get a Master’s degree. While he has no regrets, it’s clear that he could have made a career in football, had he wanted to. 

“What’s crazy is Bradshaw was the number one pick and just think about that for a second,” Willie continued. “The number one pick in college football. And he was starting ahead of him. Obviously, I wasn’t there. But you gotta be pretty good to start ahead of the guy that was gonna go number one. He would say, ‘Yeah, I had a quick release.’”

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Robertsons Weren’t Fans Of Bradshaw’s For Years

Willie also said that he was not a fan of Bradshaw’s for years.

“We didn’t like Terry Bradshaw,” he explained. “We didn’t like him because he kind of poked fun at Phil in his book. He said he would show up with squirrel guts in his pocket, and was kind of making fun.”

However, that all changed when the Robertsons ran into Bradshaw at the airport one day by chance. 

“This man has picked up Phil from behind and it’s Terry Bradshaw at the airport. They hadn’t seen each other since college,” Willie recalled, adding that the conversation that they had was “amazing.” 

“They started talking football,” he said. “It was a pretty cool deal to see them two catch up. Later on, they went to a game together. But Terry says that if Phil was to stay with it, he might not have ever seen the light of day.”

Check out this video of Phil and Terry reuniting at a football game:

Just when we thought the Robertsons could not get any more impressive, we find out that Phil could have been an NFL legend! Who would have thought? 

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