Terry Bradshaw helps motorist

Terry Bradshaw, 72, was caught in a viral video that shows what a humble man he is. The Pittsburgh Steelers legend and Bradshaw Bunch star stopped to help a stranded motorist who couldn’t get his car started. To make this an even more selfless act, it was raining. 

Bradshaw Bought Jumper Cables

Bradshaw went above and beyond. He even went into a store and bought jumper cables so he could help the man. How many Hollywood celebrities would be so gracious and down-to-earth as to help in this manner? 

Since 1994, Bradshaw has been a sports analyst. People tune in to watch him because he’s incredibly relatable. This video of him reinforces that opinion. This former superstar athlete is willing to pitch in and help anyone. He didn’t know anyone was filming. It was just the right thing to do. 

Cindy Hurt Hammer, a Pack ‘N’ Mail employee, filmed the interaction and posted it on Facebook.

It captured a lot of attention as it shows a completely different and natural side to the retired quarterback. 

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The video shows the NFL Hall of Famer working to get the stranded motorist’s car started in a parking lot in Gainseville, Texas.

When the motor finally starts humming, Bradshaw raised both arms and yelled, “TOUCHDOWN!” They were victorious!

Throwback video of Terry in action back in the day:

The man thanked him and offered him something for lending him a hand. But, Bradshaw assures him he doesn’t want anything in return for his help.

He had no idea who was helping him. He just thought Terry Bradshaw was a nice man. Bradshaw wasn’t doing this for praise. It just part of being a kind and down-to-earth person. 

The man then walked into the Pack ‘N’ Mail, where the staff told him he’d been helped by a famous NFL quarterback and actor.

Hammer wrote when posting the video below:

“And this is why I’m a true Terry Bradshaw fan!!!! Super humble fella.”

Bradshaw has received a lot of praise in the comments. Not only did he take time from his day to help this man, but he bought jumper cables, too. Then he finished it off with a NFL style celebration!

Dante Garcia wrote, “Super nice guy! He’s there when most needed. There should be more people like him. (Men or Women) He sets a very Good Exemple to everyone of us. God Bless You Terry Brsdshaw!!!”

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Just A Regular Guy

The Louisiana native is also a veteran of the US Navy. His strong work ethic helped him reach the pinnacle of professional football, but in reality he is just a regular guy willing to pitch in and help. 

When asked by E! News about the encounter, his humility shone through.

“I didn’t think twice about helping him, and I was happy to do so,” Bradshaw said. “We’re all humans and it’s nice to be able to help one another out, especially during a time when things are so divisive in our country.”

Bradshaw and his wife Tammy and his daughters star in the The Bradshaw Bunch which gives an hilarious and intimate look into his life during the off season. 

Here’s a clip of him trying to get into his favorite pair of jeans:

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