Corey Graves And Carmella Have Gone Public With Their Relationship

Corey Graves And Carmella

Corey Graves and Carmella were engulfed in a scandal a little while back; this after Corey’s wife voiced her opinion about her husband’s affair with WWE wrestler Carmella. Graves would later claim that he and his wife were already separated when he started dating Carmella.

A lot of fans voiced their opinion about the situation at the time, so the relationship between Corey Graves and Carmella was kept on the downlow. Now the dust from the scandal has settled, the pair have made their relationship public with some loved-up photos on Instagram.

Corey Graves And Carmella Instagram Reveal

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F&$@ a false narrative. What’s real is real.

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While some fans have come to the defence of Corey Graves and Carmella, there are some fans who still believe the pair had an affair, which ended Corey’s ten-year marriage with his wife. Evidently, nobody knows the real situation but the people who are involved. That being said, Graves made a statement to his now ex-wife on social media, stating the WWE would sue her if she did not take it down. Evidently, this left a bad taste in the mouth of many fans who saw the situation unfold.

Good Luck… I Guess?

Corey Graves And Carmella

Honestly, I do not really care about this relationship at all. I wish them luck I guess. The only thing people should really worry about are the kids Corey has with his ex-wife. It can’t be easy for the kids to be surrounded with this stuff on social media so shortly after the separation of their parents. I hope someone can at least explain the situation to them. At least, that’s my opinion. What they do in their life is their thing, but the children should at least be protected from all this mess.

What do you think about the relationship? Do you think it’s too soon? Or do you think they make a cute couple? Let us know in the comment section below!