wwe impacted by covid again
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As the world is dealing with the latest variant, WWE is impacted by COVID yet again. Plus, an NXT producer is returning to the ring next week.

WWE Impacted By COVID Again

This is not surprising, but WWE has been impacted by COVID once again.

The global pandemic has been raging for nearly two years at this point, and as we head into winter, things are flaring up.

As major cities are reporting some of their highest numbers yet, WWE has been impacted yet again too.

Per PWInsider, WWE staff have come down with COVID.

wwe impacted by covid again

source: custom, YouTubeTV screenshot

Those impacted by COVID yet again include support staff, but reportedly also some in-ring Superstars.

As of this time, no Superstar has confirmed a positive diagnosis.

The report indicated that a number of staff wrapped up weekend shows saying they were run down. After testing, a number were confirmed to be positive.

As of this moment, there is no indication how this could impact WWE plans, if at all.

The Christmas Eve SmackDown has already been recorded, and the New Years Eve edition was replaced by a now-cancelled special on FOX.

That means if it’s a blue brand performer, outside of house shows, they might not be needed until January 1.

As was reported earlier, WWE is already preparing plans if things get to a point where touring has to shut down once again.

The company already had a date in Quebec next week cancelled, due to that province’s newly re-instituted restrictions.

For now, the hope is that any Superstars and staff impacted by COVID again enjoy a speedy recovery, especially with the Christmas holiday fast approaching.

NXT Producer Returning To Ring

Harland has been hyped so much, he’s prompting an NXT producer to be returning to the ring next week.

The NXT Superstar is being presented as an unstable performer whom only Joe Gacy can seemingly control.

On the December 14th episode of NXT, Harland destroyed an NXT producer, himself a former WWE Superstar.

nxt producer returning to ring

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If you didn’t notice, that would be none other than The Brian Kendrick.

On the latest NXT show, Kendrick appeared in a neck brace to address Harland and Gacy.

The way the angle is going, Gacy basically wanted an apology from the attacked producer.

As Kendrick put it, if that is what they expect, they can fight him in the ring next week.

Kendrick is one who I actually forgot was still with WWE. Most of his work in-ring had been on 205 Live lately, but he’s been winding down.

Per the angle, the NXT producer quit his role as a producer, so that he could return to the ring to fight Harland next week.

Harland has come to NXT with a lot of hype. Some have, perhaps too quickly, compared him to Brock Lesnar.

The young talent only debuted in the ring a week back, meaning his match against the former NXT producer next week will be just his second.

It seems rather obvious that Kendrick will be in the ring to put the young Superstar over. Whether the match is used to prompt some other NXT Superstar to challenge Harland, we will find out next week.