WWE Dropping Cruiserweight Title
Source: Squared Circle Reports, Twitter, Screenshot

While the WWE Cruiserweight title is featured regularly on NXT 2.0, word has it that the company might be dropping the championship. More details, below. 

WWE Dropping Cruiserweight Title 

Dave Meltzer talks about the Cruiserweight Championship on his latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. Sounds like the WWE is planning on ditching this title.

This week on NXT, Joe Gracy hinted an All-Inclusive Championship could be on the horizon. In the past, officials had wanted to make a legitimate weight limit of 205 on the title.

In fact, talent was told to lose weight to compete in the category. However, these restrictions might change when it comes to the new championship.

Could WWE Be Dropping The Cruiserweight Title At WarGames

Currently, Roderick Strock and Gacy are locked in a feud for the Cruiserweight title. With that said, Gacy is over the 205 weight limit.

This shows that the WWE could be transforming the concept. This makes sense as to why Joe mentioned an All-Inclusive championship.

Gacy is challenging Strong for that Cruiserweight title at WarGames this Sunday. No information if WWE is planning on changing the championship at this time if Joe Gacy scores a win.

The Cruiserweight title has been in the WWE since 2016. The company held a tournament for talents that were 205 lbs or under.

The Cruiserweight Classic tourney was held on the WWE Network between June to September of that year. TJ Perkins was the inaugural champion and headed to RAW where the title once called home.

Since the championship has traveled within WWE shows. At one point, 205 LIVE was a brand dedicated to the cruiserweight division where the title was considered the holy grail for that roster.

Over to the land of AEW, there was plenty of action on Dynamite last night. Including a scary fall from Arn Anderson.

Video Of Arn Anderson’s Dynamite Fall 

Arn Anderson, unfortunately, fell off the stage during Dynamite. He was accompanying Cody Rhodes to the ring.

WWE Dropping Cruiserweight Title

Source: Wrestling News, Twitter, Screenshot

Rhodes was facing Andrade El Idolo. The two were set for an Atlanta Street Fight match.

The accidental fall occurred when Jose, Andrade’s manager, was going to attack Anderson. Fans at home only caught a glimpse of it all.

Social media comes to the rescue, as a fan video has surfaced (below), revealing the entire thing. The bad news is, Arn did fall.

The good news is that it could’ve been worse. Anderson fell on a raised platform, above the hard arena floor.

It doesn’t look as if Arn suffered any complicated injuries. Jose also helped Double-A up, before a kayfabe stomp to the head. 

Not The First Time This Has Happened … 

For those that remember, Arn took a bad fall this past September. Anderson fell off the apron to the floor back then. 

Thankfully, he seems okay after both accidents. The Enforcer is one tough guy.

As for Cody, he scored a win on Andrade. Wife Brandi Rhodes ended up unexpectedly intervening in the bout. 

Andrade fell through a burning table for Rhodes to win. Ms. Rhode threw lighter fluid on the table, beforehand. 

Interestingly enough, the fire flames were very large. Even Cody ended up with some scaring after the bout.

Sounds like no one at AEW Dynamite, including AA, was massively hurt from anything inside or outside of the ring last night. Regardless, here’s hoping this is the last of any scary falls for Mr. Arn Anderson.

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