WWE Complaints Big E
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WWE receives complaints all the time, but they got some about Big E and how he acts. Also, the company is pushing hard for Johnny Gargano to re-sign.

WWE Received Complaints About Big E

When Big E was introduced to fans, he seemed to be an enforcer. Then, the New Day was formed and we got to his comical side.

He is funny on the microphone, likes to throw pancakes from his singlet and is a good wrestler. Overall, he is the complete package and maybe that is why he is finally WWE Champion.

While speaking on the Jim and Sam Show, Big E went over his antics. Apparently, some of his body gestures upset people and complaints were coming in.

“People are allowing me to do this, so I just kept doing stuff,” said Big E. “And people enjoy it, or did not scream at me, so I was like, ‘Let’s keep going.’” 

“I was told there were a couple of times where the company got some emails, I am not sure if it is like FCC [Federal Communications Commission], something where people complained and wanted me off TV because the gyrations were too much. Me, Elvis Presley there is no real difference there at all.”

Maybe, Big E calmed it down a bit and WWE was content. 

Now, Big E has a huge match at Survivor Series as he battles Roman Reigns. Remember, Reigns has not been pinned or submitted this entire decade.

The outcome might already seem clear, but Big E is getting the chance he earned so long ago.

Did Johnny Gargano Re-Sign?

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Looking back, NXT has completely changed since being rebranded. Many of the familiar names are gone and in there place are fresh faces.

There are still some of the names associated with the early days of NXT. One of them is their first grand slam champion Johnny Gargano.

Although, that might not last much longer. As noted, Gargano’s WWE contract is up on December 3.

At the moment, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that he had not re-signed. Yet, WWE is simply not going to let the contract rollover.

They have offered him a new one as they making a strong play to keep him around. There were no specifics available on what the new deal includes, but they want it to be for several years.

Johnny Gargano’s NXT Run

For most of Gargano’s run in NXT, he has worked with Tommaso Ciampa. They teamed together, won gold and were part of lengthy feud that also saw titles be decided.

Once WWE officially ended the year plus angle, they introduced The Way. Gargano was the leader, with his wife Candice LeRae also there.

LeRae is pregnant and currently not part of weekly TV. Her WWE contract is until 2022.

With LeRae pregnant and members of the stable moving to the main roster, the group seems over. Gargano is now teaming with Dexter Lumis as they feud with Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes.

It seems like they are headed towards a match at WarGames on December 5. If that is the case, Gargano will need to sign a short extension with WWE.

While NXT is completely different, Gargano still fits the mold. He would never survive on WWE’s main roster and you have to wonder what other promotions are willing to sign him.

Remember, there are plenty of free agents out there as mass WWE releases continue. Adam Cole was a huge factor in NXT, but he opted not to re-sign and instead joined AEW.

For now, Gargano has a big decision to make.