titan makes surprise debut
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After plenty of speculation, the man now known as Titan makes his surprise ROH debut on Saturday. Plus, fans have a chance to get free WrestleMania tickets.

Titan Makes Surprise ROH Debut

After much anticipation, Titan makes a surprise ROH debut this past Saturday at the promotion’s final show ahead of their hiatus.

Titan may not ring many bells, but this will. The man formerly known as Braun Strowman made his surprise ROH debut on Saturday.

For months, there have been plenty of rumors about where the former Braun Strowman-real name Adam Scherr-would land.

Not long ago, reports surfaced that it was expected that wherever the former WWE champ landed, he would leverage the Titan moniker.

Just recently, Scherr worked alongside another former WWE Superstar-EC3-for a show in Wisconsin.

Now, it seems like Titan has his new home.

The timing is potentially a little perplexing, however.

Ring of Honor effectively released its roster when they announced they would be taking a months-long hiatus.

The hiatus-and releases-effectively began at the conclusion of Saturday’s Final Battle.

Plans have the company taking the first quarter of 2022 to “re-imagine” the brand.

So, having Titan make his surprise debut at the last show prior to the hiatus is a bit curious.

titan makes surprise debut

source: custom, @Chris_Stylez09 twitter screenshot

What is also worth pondering is, will this open the door for Titan working in AEW sooner than later?

This is entirely possible, considering the two companies have a working relationship. Tony Khan had promised AEW talents showing up on Saturday, and he did not disappoint.

Several current AEW stars were there in person, with others submitting recorded messages.

Titan may be a part of Ring of Honor, but the hiatus and the working relationship with AEW leaves a lot of options on the table.

Get Free WrestleMania Tickets

This one sounds like a really enticing deal, right? Who wouldn’t want to get free WrestleMania tickets?!

Well, with the biggest show of the year in Dallas next year, the company is already pitching fans on the idea of getting free WrestleMania tickets.

Sort of.

This is not some give-away, nor any sort of raffle.

get free wrestlemania tickets

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Per Wrestling, Inc., the company is running ads where if you purchase three WrestleMania tickets, you can receive a fourth free.

Some might choose to speculate that this is an indication of concern, relative to potentially sluggish ticket sales.

WWE has already been running ads about giving WrestleMania tickets as Christmas gifts, something I personally don’t recall them running during RAW or SmackDown previously (I could be mistaken…).

With that said, the report also pointed out that the company has run similar promotions for other shows before.

In fact, they have a similar buy three get one free promo in place now for the upcoming Day 1 PPV that kicks off 2022.

It would not be entirely surprising, however, if WWE did have to push the ticket sales. While WrestleMania is a big show, WWE is making it a two night event for the 3rd straight year.

Still, for now this does not seem to indicate panic or any other concern. Seems more like business as usual.

In either case, if you were interested in going to WrestleMania, and you wouldn’t mind scoring one of your group’s tickets for free…now is your chance.

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