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R-Truth And Vince McMahon Are BFFs

Who are the best friends in wrestling? Edge & Christian? Adam Cole & the Young Bucks? Seth Rollins and his suitmaker? No. R-Truth and Vince. 

Truth recently sat down for a podcast, where he discussed life in wrestling and his friendship with the CEO of WWE.

Traveling Overseas with Vince 

“Being on those tours with him, whether it was the Air Force, Marines, Army, we met them all and shaked hands. We bonded during those times. There were times we were overseas and mortars were shot at us and we had to bunker down. I’ve been on submarines with Vince. I’ve been on war ships with Vince. He told me he likes the fact that I’m just me and I come straight forward”

Truth has to be the best travel companion. He’s hilarious and clever so you know he’ll always have a joke to crack. 

There is an infamous picture of Vince and Truth laughing it up together. And the two always seem to be cutting it up.

Many say Truth has stuck with the company for such a long time because of how he makes Vince crack up. Personally, I think it is a little more complicated than that.

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Everyone Loves R-Truth

There are very few universally beloved figures in wrestling and one of them is R-Truth. I’ve read a lot of interviews and never heard anyone say one negative thing about Truth. By all accounts, he is a good hand who will do whatever it takes to get a match going.

Not only is Truth a historic NWA champion, but he’s also a  historic wrestler period. Believe it or not, Truth is 49 years old (!!!!) And still acts, looks, and moves like a guy in his 20s. 

Truth is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, he has so many comedic moments.

Here are some fans loving on Ron Killings as well: 

Another reason to love Truth? He acknowledges his tribal chief!

Here’s him and another ageless legend AJ Styles wrestling 21 years ago.

Also in TNA, he was in a match that could only be described as “very TNA”

I love Truth. I hope he wrestles for another twenty years. And judging the way he looks, and the low-impact style he uses, I think we can expect him to be in the ring for years to come. Keep up with the work, Truth!

What’s your favorite R-Truth moment? Let us know in the comment section.

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