Prince Andrew’s Cousin Makes Damning Claims About Ghislaine Maxwell

Prince Andrew's cousin spoke out to make damning claims about Ghislaine Maxwell, saying that she saw Epstein as her savior.

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged former madam of the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, began earlier this week. A cousin of Prince Andrew, Christina Oxenberg, who has ties to both Maxwell and Epstein, is now speaking out to give some shocking new details about the 59-year-old British socialite. 

Epstein ‘Paid Ghislaine Maxwell Very Well’

“Jeffrey paid her very well,” Christina Oxenberg, cousin to the British Royal family, told Fox News. “She started working for him pretty much immediately after her father died. I think she saw him as her savior. She wanted everyone to believe they were a couple. She wanted to marry Jeffrey. I have no idea if Jeffrey knew about this. My suspicion is that he did because he [wasn’t] a dummy.”

Oxenberg, who met Maxwell in 1990, is the author of the book Trash: Encounters with Ghislaine Maxwell. She claims in her new interview that Maxwell tried to hire her in 1997 to ghostwrite an autobiography for her.

“She told me that her motivation for getting that book made was for Jeffrey to see her in a different light,” Oxenberg claimed. “It would elevate her status. She actually said, ‘This will elevate me in Jeffrey’s eyes. And this way, he will marry me. I want him to marry me.'”

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Maxwell ‘Went Into Detail’ About ‘Getting Girls For Jeffrey’

Oxenberg, 58, went on to allege that during this 1997 meeting, Maxwell “went into detail” about “getting girls for Jeffrey” to satisfy his sexual needs.

“She told me he had been diagnosed by doctors as having a sex drive that required him to have three orgasms a day,” Oxenberg continued “And so, she couldn’t be expected to keep up with this. I’m using her words… I had a really bad feeling about this… Had I known she was talking about children I would have lost my mind and have gone straight to the police… I responded very negatively, but I thought she was talking about consenting adults.”

Oxernberg added: 

“At this crazy meeting was a woman who was obsessed with a man. Ghislaine was obsessed with Jeffrey Epstein. Her telling me his biological needs was way too much for me. Nobody needs to hear that stuff.

But she’s boasting about how to deal with this problem… But this was from one single meeting. So my feeling was she’s delusional, she’s trying to marry Jeffrey and she’s providing women for him. She’s doing anything to meet his demands… She wanted to be in full control. I just got angry because the whole thing was very outlandish.”

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Christina Oxenberg ‘Disgusted’ By Maxwell

Oxenberg was left “disgusted” by Maxwell allegedly referring to the women as “trash.”

“She was talking about humans as if they were disposable, for the purpose of sex,” said Oxenberg. “I was just furious. And I was fed up. I did not spot the red flags, but I did react very negatively. The fact that she was speaking about human beings in this horrible way was very offensive to me. But again, I thought she was discussing consensual adults here.”

When asked what justice for Maxwell would look like years later, Oxenberg replied, “Whatever satisfies the survivors.”

Ghislaine Maxwell is on trial for various charges related to her allegedly grooming young girls for sex with Epstein, and sometimes participating in the abuse herself. If convicted, she’s facing spending the rest of her life in prison. 

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