Roman Reigns Once-In-A-Lifetime Talent
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To be called a once-in-a-lifetime talent by Finn Balor is impressive and that is exactly what happened with WWE superstar Roman Reigns. Also, Don West is doing better as he battles brain lymphoma.

Roman Reigns Called Once-In-A-Lifetime Talent

When The Rock left for Hollywood and Steve Austin had to retire, WWE needed a major draw. Luckily, John Cena came along and he will go down as one of the top faces in pro wrestling history. 

Like many others, Cena began appearing less-and-less on WWE TV. So, they decided to make Roman Reigns the new top babyface of the company. 

The major push was not met well by fans, but they enjoyed his heel turn. When Finn Balor spoke to Sports Illustrated, he called Reigns a once-in-a-lifetime performer.

“The world was talking s— about Roman and his abilities and his performances,” said Balor. “From the first moment we locked up, I knew he was something special.” 

“He was operating on a different level that people didn’t quite fully understand. Now, people are learning he is a once-in-a-lifetime talent.” 

“Roman’s proven that over and again, and the masses have accepted and acknowledged that ability and growth. His presence is just unimaginable right now.”

Just this past Friday, the two met on SmackDown. Despite a valiant effort, Reigns kept the Universal Championship.

As Reigns headed to the back, there was a flash of red light and the sound of a heartbeat. Therefore, many think Reigns vs “The Demon” Finn Balor is happening at Extreme Rules in a few weeks.

The past twelve have changed the perception of Reigns. He returned with a new attitude and also Paul Heyman.

Now, heel Reigns seems unbeatable. He is yet to lose in this decade and has been Universal Champion for over a year.

Although, Brock Lesnar is back and those two are bound to meet soon. Rumored spots are the October show from Saudi Arabia or November’s Surviver Series in Brooklyn.

Don West Update

Roman Reigns Once-In-A-Lifetime Talent

Source: Fightful, Twitter, Screenshot

A few months back, fans learned that former Impact Wrestling announcer Don West was diagnosed with brain lymphoma. Well, he is thankfully doing better.

He took to Twitter to state that his cancer is in remission following thirteen rounds of chemotherapy in eight weeks.

Since leaving Impact Wrestling, West has stayed busy hosting a radio show in Washington State.

In Impact Wrestling, West spent ten years working at the announce table and also helping with merchandise. He joined with no color commentary skills, but he slowly learned and was impressive at the gig.

His sister-in-law helped set a GoFundMe campaign seeking $40,000 to help with medical bills. So far, several wrestlers and others have donated, with over $24,000 raised.

From everyone at Wrestle Newz, we congratulate West on the great news and hope the cancer never returns.

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