has football gone soft

Is college football becoming too soft with all of these flags? A lot of people seem to think so, including country music star Jimmie Allen, who fired off some tweets blasting modern day football that ‘Hootie & The Blowfish’ rocker turned country crooner Darius Rucker simply could not get behind.

Here’s what Jimmie Allen had to say about college football this weekend: 

Darius Rucker disagreed with the sentiment. The former ‘Hootie & the Blowfish’ frontman contends that the high number of flags means players are still going hard.

Agreeing with Rucker, some on Twitter noted that it isn’t soft players but the new rules.

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Rucker likens football to music stating that “teamwork is critical in both music and football.”

“That’s why practices and rehearsals are so important for us,” Rucker continued. “And why practice is so important in sports. Football is a prime example. You can’t have guys doing all different things on a play than what they are supposed to.”

Is College Football Too Soft?

There are certainly some new rules that have made that game less dangerous. But make no mistake, college football is still an extremely physical and hard-hitting sport. It is still a sport where you are running at each other at full speed in what amounts to medieval armor.

The rules are a bit silly and go against the spirit of the game, like this touchdown being called back because a player lost his helmet.

The new rules are meant to make the game safer while retaining the physicality of the sport. The targeting rule, while controversial, is intended to prevent dangerous collisions to the head that can cause long-term effects.

Is Football The Same Sport Fans Fell In Love With?

Football is inherently dangerous, and no amount of rule-making will change that.

The fundamentals of football make it a sport with high risk. That is why it is so popular because football fans love to see this level of physicality. 

Of course, the increase in flags and changes to the way football is played aren’t happening just at the college level. It’s happening in the NFL as well.

What does 7-time Super Bowl winning quarterback and 5-time MVP Tom Brady say about about whether the game is going soft?

“There’s a lot of plays and hits that are happening on quarterbacks now, that are flags for defensive players, that probably weren’t that way 10 or 15 years ago”, said Tom Brady. “So I’d say the game is a little softer than it used to be.”

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There’s no question the game of football has changed.

Fans saw it coming as early as 2009. Back when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had to answer for how the NFL handled head injuries on Capitol Hill. Followed by a barrage of  lawsuits by former players.

All of these rule changes by NFL to make the game “safer” could slowly be killing the game. Between the league’s ‘woke’ demonstrations and the escalating flags, will fans accept this kinder, gentler version of the gridiron?

Ultimately, the outcome of the NFL’s ratings struggle will tell the tale.

What do you think? Is football too soft now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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