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Noted fun-ruiner Dr. Fauci is at it again. Not stopping at closing schools or recommending we wear masks forever, Dr. Fauci has now attacked one of America’s most renowned institutions, college football.

I feel like every time Fauci opens his mouth, he has something even more jaw-dropping to announce. It’s a shame, too, because he was a trusted guide who everyone could rely on for straight information at the beginning of the pandemic.

But now Fauci, responding to college football returning to full stadiums after a year of no fans, is sad and disappointed that young, healthy people, most of whom are already vaccinated due to college mandates, are out enjoying America’s most fantastic sport. 

When showed images of college football stadiums brimming with maskless fans, Fauci told CNN “I don’t think it’s smart.”

While Fauci allowed that “outdoors is always better than indoors,” the immunologist balked at the “congregate setting of people close together.” Vaccinated or not.

If you ask me, he comes across more like a politician hell-bent on pushing an agenda than a medical expert these days.

It should come as no surprise that a man who delivered one of the worst first pitches of all time would hate sports. Who remembers this joke of an opening pitch?

Dr. Fauci Needs To Touch Grass

Look, I get Fauci spent most of his life in fluorescent-lit labs with no windows or fresh air, but he needs to go outside and feel the wind on his face.

Now he’s telling fully vaccinated people that they shouldn’t be OUTSIDE together. A position with which not all health experts agree.

In fact, Dr. Noelle Bissell, the director of the New River Health District, didn’t share Fauci’s concern over football returning. Here’s how she put it: 

“It was outdoors. I know people were yelling and whatnot, but it was outdoors. If people did the right thing and stayed home if they were sick or stayed home if they were in close contact with someone who tested positive, then we really shouldn’t see a huge bump.”

Public officials in most states are allowing people to gather outside without masks.

Why Fauci is suddenly against outdoor events isn’t surprising.

If you ask me, it’s high time Dr. Fauci leave the newsroom and the lab for a run around the Mall in DC.

Please, for your health and the health of this nation, spend some time outside breathing the fresh air and soaking in the immune-boosting vitamin D.

College Kids Are Not Happy With Joe Biden

Dr. Fauci isn’t the only headliner coming out of this weekend’s college football debut. Another big part of the weekend was “F* Joe Biden” chants ringing from several college football stadiums across the country.

The chant rang out at Virginia Tech:

Students at Auburn University also got in on the movement:

And those are just two examples.

As it turns out, it’s not just middle aged white men that are concerned about the direction of this country. Even America’s youth are frustrated with the Biden administration and ongoing restrictions.

Kids have been locked away for for far too long and are ready for life to get back to normal.

Meanwhile, some pandemic stats are reaching new heights despite all of the vaccine shaming and forcing masks onto kids.

To the point that President Biden is announcing a new “plan” to beat COVID-19 after campaigning that he alone could stop it.

College Football is Back – and it is Amazing

Thankfully, college football is back.

Personally, it is my favorite sport. Unlike the NFL, where every team looks and plays pretty much the same, you have actual unique match-ups in college, and the passion is unrivaled.

For evidence, check out the GOOSEBUMP-inducing entrance from the Virginia Tech Hokies. Get ready to ROCK! 

Do you agree with Dr. Fauci, or did he once again overstep his bounds? Let us Know!

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