Tom Brady accused of racism

Tom Brady, quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, just won his seventh Super Bowl. Instead of congratulations, some are accusing the greatest quarterback of all time of racism for winning during Black History Month.

Even Vice President Kamala Harris’s niece took a swipe at Brady.

Social Justice Warriors Triggered By Brady’s Win

Social justice warriors aren’t very happy about Tom Brady’s historic win with his new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ performance has triggered them.

It’s Black History Month and they don’t believe it is fair or right for Brady to win, especially since Patrick Mahomes was the opposing quarterback.

That makes this win racist in their color-obsessed eyes.

No Super Bowl Affirmative Action 

There isn’t affirmative action for Super Bowl wins.

You either win or you don’t.

The 43-year-old Brady continues to break records despite his “advanced” age for this hard-knocking sport. His record isn’t dependent on his skin color.

Instead, it’s a tribute to his athleticism and work ethic. But, that doesn’t matter to those who hyperfocus on race.

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Right on cue, Twitter was ablaze with people claiming Brady’s win was a slight to Colin Kaepernick who hasn’t played in four years.

Multiple teams have passed on Kaepernick even after tryouts. They believe the Lombardi Trophy should be a participation trophy.

USA Today columnist Nancy Armour foreshadowed these charges of racism. Last week, the white liberal sports writer published a column accusing Brady of “white privilege” over his prior support of Donald Trump.

Vice President Kamala Harris’s niece Meena ended up giving Armour a bit of an assist on this front. 

BACKSTORY: USA Today Berates Tom Brady For Past Trump Support: ‘How Mighty White Of Him’

Kamala Harris’s Niece Attacks Tom Brady

The younger Harris wasn’t pleased with either team.

She didn’t believe Brady deserved a win because of his support of Donald Trump.

She also doesn’t like the Kansas City Chiefs because their name is “racist.”

Even though the NFL has had Black Lives Matter front and center at many games this year, it’s not enough for Harris.

She wants them to denounce white supremacy and ease Colin Kaepernick’s bruised ego.

Harris has not complained about President Biden’s failure to abide by his own mask order in federal buildings. However, she did take a swipe at Tom Brady for not wearing a mask when he didn’t have to.

Tom Brady still keeps winning despite the haters.


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