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The WWE Draft might be a thing of the past, but the news is still trickling in about what the company had planned. One report indicates a popular RAW tag team was going to be split up.

WWE Almost Split AJ Styles & Omos

According to WrestleVotes on Twitter, WWE officials were seriously thinking about splitting up AJ Styles and Omos. That is until some supers and others spoke up.

As you can see from the tweet listed above, some powerful WWE people, as well as a top RAW talent, discouraged WWE officials from splitting the duo up. This is mainly because Omos isnèt ready for a singles run just yet.

WWE Kept AJ Styles & Omos Together

The good news is that WWE Official listened to the advice. Styles and Omos are still together, on the same brand.

The two have been together since April of this year. They won the RAW Tag Championships at Wrestlemania 37, defeating the New Day.

They would drop the Tag Titles at SummerSlam to RKBro. However, they do have a rematch at the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia on Thursday, October 21st.

Speaking of the WWE Draft and RAW, a new Team Red superstar seems to be getting mean messages on social media as of late. In fact, Carmella is stating the “hate and the threats” are at an all-time high.

Carmella Getting “Hate + Threats”

Carmella recently jumped on Instagram and Twitter to post a photo. It was a non-filter, no makeup, selfie photo.

WWE AJ Styles Omos

Source: NoDQ.com, Twitter, Screenshots

But there was another reason behind the picture. It was a statement about how bad fan comments have become.

She was honest on the post. Carmella states that social media has been hard for her as of late.

She relays that the threats and hate are at an all-time high. The superstar also notes that “y’all” can be so cruel.

The post is above. As you can see, Carmella gets real with her fans.

She notes that a majority of the time she wears no makeup and her hair is in a bun. That’s her “reality”.

This was the reason for the social media post. Also, she wanted to “do better” for her fans and reveal that life isn’t always perfect.

Carmella also notes that it is hard not reading the negativity from fans. She also states she is lucky to know who she is.

The Ups and Downs Of Carmella’s Career

Unfortunately, Carmella began getting a tremendous amount of social media hate in 2019. This is when she started dating fellow WWE talent, Corey Graves.

As most fans are aware, the color commentator was married and then started a relationship with Carmella. With that said, the two seem very happy and in love.

Carmella began her WWE career in NXT. She was at the gold and black brand from 2013 to 2016.

She moved to the main roster and joined SmackDown. Over the years, she’s had quite the ups and downs.

She’s have been SmackDown Women’s Champion and the WWE 24/7 Champ (twice). Plus, she was crowned the first-ever Miss Money in the Bank (twice) in 2017.

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