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We are learning more about when and why Tony Khan decided to run AEW creative. Also, Kevin Nash and The Rock are now cool with each other.

Why Tony Khan Took Over AEW Creative

All Out saw AEW take another major step forward. Therefore, AEW President Tony Khan is enjoying the moment.

Ratings are great, AEW has three shows and their roster is stacked with the current and future stars of the business. CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole arriving within weeks only increased morale. 

While speaking to Moose & Maggie on WFAN, Khan discussed how he took over creative. Basically, it happened earlier than we thought.

“It’s true that I am booking and writing everything by hand,” said Khan, “But, that the fact is each kind of program I’m very hands on, but I also am great at working with people.” 

“I just work with a ton of people. So that means having personal relationships with maybe 100 or more people in the company, but that’s a good thing.” 

“And. in the pandemic, you’ve learned how to keep in contact virtually more than ever. It’s allowed me to get my hands around it.” 

Tony Khan Was Running AEW Creative Prior To The Pandemic

“But, even before the pandemic, it was at the beginning of 2020, really at the end of 2019. I told myself going into the new year, I’m just gonna do everything by hand.” 

“Because at first, coming in, I was timing everything. And I would keep track of times, and we had a great group of people.” 

“I still do have a great group of people, but I just needed to probably take more ownership. Because at the end of the day, there were a lot of cooks in one show.

“And it’s just hard because I still want to get everyone’s ideas, but you have to organize everything into one show, and that’s why I still love working with everyone. So, I think it’s been good for our business because I’m very organized and meticulous about how AEW’s structured, what matches go on, and I make sure we have a lot of time for the wrestling and have great matches.”

AEW is doing so well, it make one wonder how they can top what has occurred in 2021 alone. Still, Khan also a few tricks left.

Look for the company to tour overseas and sign more big names. In a short time, Khan has helped created something special.

Kevin Nash Apologizes

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All is good with the Kevin Nash and The Rock. The two apparently had been beefing since 2002, but it is officially squashed. 

We are not sure what the issue was, but it was a bizarre time in wrestling. WCW recently folded and people were looking to keep their spot.

At the time, The Rock and Steve Austin were the two biggest stars for WWE. As for WCW, Nash was always in the main event scene and the same could be said for his first WWE run.

Honestly, it just sounds like ego got in the way. Thankfully, the heat is done.

Below is the Twitter exchange between the two.

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