Backstage Big E's Win
Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

The WWE Universe knew something major was set for RAW after Big E’s tweet yesterday. He hinted about cashing in the Money in the Bank (MITB) to win the WWE title.  He succeeded, and we have some backstage news, below.

Backstage News On Big E’s Win

How amazing was it to witness Big E become the new WWE Champion on Monday Night RAW? Now the PW Insider has more news on the new titleholder.

According to a report, Big E’s win created a huge uptick in backstage morale. RAW superstars were genuinely happy for their fellow colleague.

It was seen as such a big deal as the superstar is quite loved backstage. In fact, there’s word that SmackDown talents say they wish they were in Boston for the moment.

It’s clear that most of the locker room loves Big E. Not only did he receive plenty of congratulations from WWE wrestlers, but from AEW stars, too.

Backstage News – Big E’s Win “Months” In The Making 

As per reports, Big E’s moment was supposed to take place for the RAW Draft episode next month. There have been talks for a while now around Big E hitting the Red brand as a “fresh” main event face.

WNZ was happy to see Big E become WWE Champion. It’s been a long time coming!

While Big E is walking on cloud nine, co-workers in NXT feel like they are on “thin ice”. This revamp of the gold and black brand is making people nervous.

NXT Roster Feels On Edge About Revamp 

Major changes are on the horizon for NXT. Debuting this week, the brand’s theme music, logo, and overall “feel” will be refreshed.

Backstage Big E's Win

Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, Screenshot

Mix that in with HHH’s absence (due to a medical emergency), and many talents are feeling “on edge”. Plus, many fans have been clear about their dismay around WWE NXT 2.0.

A new PW Insider report offers details around the NXT roster morale. They seem worried about so many things right now.

Should There Be Cause For Concern? 

Thanks to some recent releases and this revamp, the report reveals an increase of concern from NXT talent. Going into the tapings for tonight, many are nervous.

The last batch of let go’s didn’t help. Many NXT superstars feel that those who were released did “everything” they were supposed to do.

In fact, some of the superstars released were perceived by the roster as amazing talents. If they can be let go, does anyone stand a chance?

This leaves them worried that even if they do “right” it won’t matter. Their runs could be done at any time, with zero notice.

Fan reaction is a big factor when it comes to anything related to the WWE. The report also notes that without Triple H around offering a layer of protection, some talents feel like there’s no hope.

Should they be this concerned? The revamp might be welcomed nicely among fans.

Although, there’s also a 50-50 chance that this overhaul of NXT could fail. Only time will tell.